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Sierra Smith

Sierra Smith »

Sierra Smith, ʼ18, is has developed a career plan that will allow her to use both of her majors: dance and communication.

Hannah Gerding

Hannah Gerding »

Hannah Gerding, ’17, knew when she arrived at Meredith College that she wanted to be a physical therapist.

Sabrina Brown

Sabrina Brown »

Communication major Sabrina Brown, ’17, has developed academically and professionally through her close relationships with faculty and staff.

Emily Kelleher

Emily Kelleher »

Emily Kelleher found support in developing her long-term plan through the general education program and StrongPoints.

Noel Fox

Noel Fox »

Presidential Scholar Noel Fox, ’17, discovered her internship through CareerLink, a resource available to all Meredith students.

Cody Jeffery

Cody Jeffery »

Multiple internships, study abroad, undergraduate research, and involvement in campus life prepared Cody Jeffery for success.

Kristen Rivera

Kristen Rivera »

As a communication major at Meredith, Kristen Rivera, ’16, gained experience through multiple internships and student leadership roles.

Shantel Jordan

Shantel Jordan »

Communication major Shantel Jordan is using the knowledge she gained through her communication program to excel as a national account executive.



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