Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

As a food and nutrition major you’ll focus on nutrition, food security, and promoting healthy lifestyles. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nutrition jobs are expected to grow by 20 percent over the next seven years.


A degree in food and nutrition provides a strong knowledge base in the sciences, and develops communication, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Students who successfully complete the food and nutrition program can apply for dietetic internships that provide supervised practice, enabling students to take the national professional examination to become a registered dietitian.

Graduates who want an alternate career path may pursue nutrition education, sales, food service management, public policy or health fields, and the local and sustainable food industry.

Lacey Hambridge

Lacey Hambridge, ’16, conducted undergraduate research and service projects that help children in need.

Kate Jablonski

Kate Jablonski, ’16, plans to apply her food and nutrition major to help those with eating disorders.

Sarah Massey

Sarah Massey participated in undergraduate research and internships to help fuel her passion for the food industry.

Dickinson Foundation Community Garden

Meredith’s organic garden provides hands-on opportunities to learn about planting, harvesting, and preparing healthy food. 

The recently-renovated Nutrition Lab provides students with hands-on learning experiences that simulate the environment they will work in outside of Meredith.