Exercise and Sports Science Minor – 18 hours

ESS – 200Foundations Physical Education, Sport and Fitness (3 cr.)
ESS – 221Principles of Strength Training and Conditioning (3 cr.)
HED – 210Risk, Appraisal and Prevention in Health (3 cr.)


9 credit hours from the following:
ESS – 283Prevention and Care of Movement Injuries (3 cr.)
ESS – 300Issues/Management: Sport & Physical Education (3 cr.)
ESS – 310Exercise Leadership (3 cr.)
ESS – 350Topics in Exercise and Sports Science (3 cr.)
ESS – 383Exercise Physiology and Lab (4 cr.)
ESS – 399Research Design and Analysis (3 cr.)
ESS – 482Kinesiology (3 cr.)
ESS – 486Exercise Prescription (3 cr.)
HED – 400Influences and Evolution of Global Health (3 cr.)
HED – 420Health Education Methods (3 cr.)

(Students pursuing teacher licensure may select from any of the above and those listed below):
ESS – 743Teaching Physical Education in Elementary School: PE Majors (3, 6 cr.)
ESS – 746Teaching Physical Education Special Needs K-12 (3 cr.)
ESS – 747Teaching Physical Education in Middle and Secondary Schools (3 cr.)
See Education department listing for information on courses ESS 743, ESS 746, and ESS 747.

Additional physical education/dance activity courses beyond general education requirements: 2 hours (must be taken for a grade)

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.