Environmental Sustainability Minor – 23-26 hours

From the General Education Requirements

One Science Lab



Minor requirements (10-13 hours)

Select two from the following:

Electives – 13 credit hours

Students must take at least 13 credit hours of electives with at least 3 credits in the Social Foundation and the Economics and Communication Foundation and 4 credits in the Science and Math Foundation. The courses not taken from the above list of required courses may serve as electives in the Science and Math Foundation (GEO 326), Social Foundation (RES, 345, POL 331), and Economics and Communication Foundation (ECO 311)

Science and Math Foundation

Additional lab science (BIO 105/145, CHE 111/141, GEO 200/240) – 4 credit hours

Social Foundation

Economic and Communication Foundation

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.