Dual Degree Engineering Program / Program of Study

Engineering Program of Study

The Dual Degree Engineering (DDE) Program is an agreement between Meredith College and North Carolina State University (NC State) whereby students simultaneously complete the academic requirements of both institutions. Through carefully coordinated scheduling, the program allows academically qualified students to graduate in five years. Students who successfully complete the admission, transfer and academic requirements of both institutions will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts from Meredith College in chemistry or mathematics and a Bachelor of Science from NC State in chemical, environmental, civil, computer, electrical, industrial, or mechanical engineering.

1. Meredith College: BA – Chemistry

NC State: BS - Chemical or Environmental Engineering

2. Meredith College: BA – Mathematics

NC State: BS - Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, or Mechanical Engineering

When paired with chemistry or mathematics, another engineering major may be pursued at NC State, e.g. biomedical engineering, but admission will not be guaranteed.


Recommendations for the Dual Degree Program

Students entering Meredith College from high school have

  • a minimum un-weighted high school GPA of 3.25
  • a 26 ACT Composite or 1160 SAT with at least a 620 on mathematics
  • completed high school courses that prepare them to enroll and succeed in Calculus I (MAT 191) and English 111 during their first college semester (high school students should take honors English and math through at least precalculus and trigonometry.)

Students must maintain an outstanding Meredith College record to be able to enroll in engineering classes at NC State, including

  • a minimum Meredith cumulative GPA of 3.25 in the first two semesters and a minimum of 3.0 thereafter
  • C or better in all courses
  • B or better in all math, English, chemistry, and computer science courses


Pursuing the Dual Degree Program

Students are recommended to complete a DDE Advisement, a one-on-one meeting with the DDE Director, prior to attending StartStrong, Meredith’s pre-orientation program. The DDE Advisement can be completed in person, by phone, or virtually via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Students must complete the DDE Declaration of Intent during StartStrong to pursue the program and must select their Meredith major (Chemistry or Mathematics) by the end of the first semester at Meredith. Students begin taking courses at NC State during the fall of their second year at Meredith College. 

All students pursuing the DDE program must take 16-18 credits each semester. Students will work closely with their adviser when selecting courses each semester. First semester courses for all DDE students include

  • CHE 111/141
  • ENG 111 (or ENG 200 if the ENG 111 requirement has been met)
  • MAT 191 or above
  • one foreign language course chosen from Spanish, French, Italian, or Chinese
  • one or two general education courses (students who have met the foreign language general education requirement will take two general education courses)
  • FYE 100 (a section for the DDE students is offered)

Students meeting all requirements for DDE are guaranteed admission into the College of Engineering at NC State for the listed pairings 1 and 2, above.

Please contact the Director of the Dual Degree Engineering Program, Dr. Sasha Ormond, at if you have any questions.

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Contact Information
Sasha Ormond
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Director of Dual Degree Engineering
204 Science and Math Building
(919) 760-2399

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