Dual Degree Engineering

Through the Dual Degree Engineering Program at Meredith, you can combine a well-rounded liberal arts education at a women’s college with one of the most respected engineering programs in the country.

The Dual Degree Engineering Program is an agreement between Meredith College and North Carolina State University whereby students simultaneously complete the academic requirements of both institutions. Upon graduation from the five year program, students earn two degrees – one from each institution. Students must meet the program eligibility requirements.

Degree Option 1

Meredith College
Bachelor of Arts – Chemistry Major

NC State University
Bachelor of Science - Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Science - Environmental Engineering

Degree Option 2

Meredith College
Bachelor of Arts – Mathematics Major

NC State University
Bachelor of Science - Biomedical Engineering
Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Science - Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science - Industrial Engineering
Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering

Contact Information
Sasha Ormond
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Director of Dual Degree Engineering
204 Science and Math Building
(919) 760-2399

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At Meredith, students develop their leadership and communication skills and deepen their knowledge through internships and guidance by professional mentors. Graduates emerge from the program uniquely qualified to take on the distinctive challenges engineers face in today’s global society. And Meredith has a strong commitment to educating, supporting, and promoting women as leaders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Featured Video

Christina Churchill

What’s it like to simultaneously earn two degrees on two different campuses? Christina Churchill, ’16, takes you through a day in the life of a dual degree engineering student.


two female students working in the dual engineering lab

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Profile photo of Carlee Joseph

Carlee Joseph

As a dual degree engineering student and an award-winning student-athlete, Carlee Joseph, ’19, has learned to balance her time while still finding ways to get involved on campus and in her community.

Jasmine Aguinaldo

Jasmine Aguinaldo

Jasmine Aguinaldo used her passion for volleyball, roller coasters, and people to shape her Meredith experience.

Megan Luke

Megan Luke

As a student-athlete, campus leader, and dual degree engineering student, Megan Luke, ’17, was able to pursue all of her passions.



Students in the Dual Degree Engineering Program participate in a range of internships, providing them with important real-world learning opportunities. Learn more about internships »

Best of Both Worlds

Engineering student

For just over 10 years, Meredith College has been preparing women in the dual degree engineering program to succeed in the engineering industry. Read more about the dual degree program.

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