Student Email is Changing on February 13, 2018

When you change or reset your NetID password after February 13, 2018, you will begin using your NetID password for your Student Gmail Account. After your change or reset your NetID password, go to and add an alternative email address so you can reset your own password. 

FAQ Information: 

1) Currently, NetID passwords and G Suite passwords are separate and they will remain separate until you update your NetID password. Gmail will start to sync after that date.

2) NO ACTION IS NECESSARY - while you are free to change your password at any time you are only required to do it every 180 days and you will be reminded of the need to update your password starting 15 days out from its expiration date. 

3) The next time you change your NetID password, after February 13th, our system will immediately synchronize that new NetID password with your student Gmail account password. So please make sure that you update all of your devices and applications that you have already set up to access your student Gmail account to match the new password you just changed in NetID.


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