AH/BH Grading

As a reminder of pending Honors contracts in your course(s), in mid-Nov you will receive copies of your Honors students' contracts for Fall '17.

Remember that Honors students must earn an AH or BH grade in contracted courses to receive Honors credit. (AH means 'A for the course, Honors contract completed satisfactorily', and BH means . . . you get the idea.) 

Teachers may still use A-F grading in cases where an Honors contract is not satisfied.

When reporting grades on WebAdvisor in coming weeks, please remember to use AH / BH grading, as appropriate. By doing so, you will save the Honors office many hours of follow-up and you will not be contacted again by email!

Thank you for your collaboration with Honors students and for enhancing their Meredith College education. Please write to Brent Pitts at if you have questions.


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