Quick Response for spills, leaks and incidents:

  • Call Campus Police at 8888.
  • Call  9-911 if unable to contact Campus Police
  • Protect yourself.
  • Secure the area.
  • Assist the injured.
  • Evacuate if necessary.


Chemical Spills Procedures

For Major Spills:

  • Evacuate the area immediately.
  • Call Campus Police at 8888 and say you are reporting a chemical spill.
  • Call 9-911 if unable to contact Campus Police.
  • Do not enter contaminated area.


For Minor Spills

  • Have students evacuate the area immediately.
  • Alert people to the immediate area of the spill.
  • Avoid breathing vapors from the spill.
  • Put on protective equipment, including eye protection, suitable gloves, and long-sleeved lab coat.
  • Confine spill to a small area.
  • Use appropriate kit to neutralize and absorb inorganic acids and bases. Collect residue, place in appropriate container, and dispose of as chemical waste.
  • For other chemicals, use appropriate kit or absorb spill with vermiculite, dry sand, or absorbent pads.
  • Clean spill area with water.


Biological (Blood) Spills Procedures

Housekeeping employees or other staff trained in spill cleanup should follow established protocols. For blood or body fluid spills in residence halls, academic buildings, administrative buildings or on outside surfaces, contact Facilities Services at 8560 or Campus Police at 8888.

Contact Information
Ann Gleason, chair of Meredith’s Incident Response Team
(919) 760-8521