Meredith College has a variety of campus safety resources, including Campus Police, the Counseling Center and the Health Center, to assist students, faculty and staff in case of emergency.

Campus Police: Meredith College campus police officers provide 24-hour patrol service to the campus, including residence halls, parking lots and grounds. The department has armed police officers and armed security officers. Campus Police are trained in first responder care. In the event of an on-campus medical emergency, the campus community should contact Wake EMS by dialing 9-911 from a campus phone or 911 from any other phone and then contact Campus Police by dialing 8888 from a campus phone or (919) 760-8888 from any other phone. In the event of any other on-campus emergency, the campus community should contact Campus Police by dialing 8888 from a campus phone or (919) 760-8888 from any other phone. 

Residence Director (RD) on Duty: The resident director on duty can be reached at (919) 612-6350.

Counseling Center: The Meredith College Counseling Center provides a 24-hour Counselor-on-Call throughout the regular academic year for students experiencing mental health crises (e.g. psychological trauma, thoughts of harming self or others). The Counselor-on-Call can be paged by calling the RD on duty at (919) 612-6350 or Campus Police at (919) 760-8888. Contact the Counseling Center at (919) 760-8427. 

Health Services: Carroll Health Center is Meredith’s on-campus health services office. The health care professionals on staff at Carroll Health Center will provide care to those eligible for services, and strive to educate the Meredith community about medical issues that are pertinent and relevant to the total wellness of students, faculty and staff. Call Health Services at (919) 760-8535.

Care Assessment Team: In order to provide appropriate outreach, support and services for all Meredith students, a Care Assessment Team meets to discuss and address student situations as they arise (death in student’s family, major student illness, student crises, etc).  Members of the Care Assessment Team may include the vice president for college programs, dean of students, associate vice president for enrollment, an academic dean, chaplain, chief of campus police, director of the counseling center, director of health services, director of residence life and director of commuter life. Referrals to the Care Assessment Team may be directed to Ann Gleason, Dean of Students, at (919) 760-8521 or at For situations involving immediate danger to the campus community, please contact Campus Police at (919) 760-8888. 

Contact Information
Ann Gleason, chair of Meredith’s Incident Response Team
(919) 760-8521