Summer Symposium

Sunday, June 26 - Monday, June 27

Symposium participants are encouraged to attend the June 28 StartStrong Event.

Meredith Summer Symposium is for deposited students. It is an overnight two-day experience offering both community-building activities and a thought-provoking weekend of speaker-led workshops, action, and reflection sessions centered around topics of culture, identity, advocacy, and social justice to incoming historically underrepresented students who are committed to creating and maintaining culturally inclusive communities.

The goal of the Symposium is to offer incoming BIPOC students (Black, African, African American, Latinx/Hispanic, Native American, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian, and Bi/Multiracial) the opportunity to engage in ethnic identity development activities, create community, explore different dimensions of leadership and feel empowered to be their authentic selves. 

Summer Symposium FAQs

Students who are selected will be notified and can attend the symposium at no cost. This will include all meals and overnight accommodations.

Summer Symposium is an opportunity to connect with mentors, create friendships, and learn about resources to help students succeed at Meredith. It provides students with resources and experiences that will allow for connections and help foster a sense of belonging. It centers BIPOC students’ experiences and aims to engage in authentic conversations with current students, faculty and staff that are committed to helping create an inclusive campus community. 

  • First-year students must sign up for a StartStrong Event: We encourage you to participate in the June 28 event but understand if you need to select a different day. (StartStrong registration is available to students who have officially reserved their place in the class by submitting their $300 non-refundable enrollment deposit.) If you have already registered for a different StartStrong Event and are accepted into the Summer Symposium, please let us know and we can help coordinate a change of date. 
  • Selected Symposium participants will be able to participate the entire weekend. 
  • Participants will stay in the residence halls and students who drive themselves will surrender keys for the overnight. 
  • Participants are expected to be respectful of all participants and engage in activities. 

The Summer Symposium application process is open until May 30.Spots are limited, so we recommend application submission as early as possible. Students who are selected will be notified and can attend the symposium at no cost. In order to apply, complete the registration form and answer the application questions. 

1) What are your salient identities and why? (While there are many identities that can describe a person there are some that are more prominent than others. As you reflect on who you are, what are the identities that mean something to you and why?) 

2) What do you hope to gain from the Symposium? 

Contact Information:

Liliana Madrid, Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

“Summer Symposium was the place I met my closest friends. It gave me my community at Meredith and for that I am forever thankful.“

Amanda Duran, ‘22

“I loved Symposium because it set the trajectory of my time at Meredith in a positive direction. I don’t know where I would be now if I didn’t go to Symposium as a first-year student.”

Charlie Hatch, ‘23

“Symposium gave me the chance to meet new people before starting classes that looked like me. I felt as though I came in with a community and many people don’t get that immediately when they begin college.”

Denise Bahena-Bustos, ‘23