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Brent A. Pitts

Adjunct, Emeritus Professor of French


Inspiration: The enthusiasm, work ethic, and success of my students of French.

In free time: Research, travel, gardening, home fix-ups, riding motorcycle.

Committed to: I deliver thoughtfully well-sequenced courses whose goal is the learning and enjoyment of students of French and the development of their confidence in the language.

Teaches: All courses in French, any course as required.

Book cover of Brent Pitts new book.Dr. Brent Pitts is the author of a new book, The Anglo-Norman Bible’s Book of Joshua, published in November 2020, by Brepols Press.

Read more about the book on the publisher’s site »

Academic Credentials

PhD (French literature), Indiana U
M.A. (French literature), Indiana U
B.A. (French), Indiana U


2020, 2019 and 2017 British Library, London


2007   Faculty Distinguished Lecture; faculty award, Friends of the Carlyle Campbell Library
2004    Laura Harrill Presidential Award
1998    Harry and Marion Eberly Faculty Development Award
1986    Pauline Davis Perry Award for Research and Publications


Lettre d’Alexandre sur les merveilles de l’Inde, a critical edition of the Anglo-Norman Epistola Alexandri ad Aristotelem (Dean § 166) in Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, CFM 20 (formerly Ashburnham Barrois 16), fols. 25v-40r (Oxford: Anglo-Norman Text Society, 2019)

Review of André Vauchez, Saint Homebon de Crémone : « père des pauvres » et patron des tailleurs, Vies médiévales et histoire du culte. Bruxelles: Société des Bollandistes, 2018 (Subsidia hagiographica, 96), Bulletin codicologique (2019), 1, 77*-79*

Review of B. Dansette and M.-A. Nielen, ed., Le Récit des voyages et pèlerinages de Jean de Tournai 1488-1489, Sources d’histoire médiévale, 43 (Paris: CNRS, 2017), Bulletin codicologique (2018), 1, 49*-51*

La Terre des Sarazins: the amplified version’ (Dean § 332), essay and critical edition with modern English translation of Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 761 (2535), fols. 195v-200v, in Crusades 17 (2018), 131-69

‘The Anglo-Norman Bible’s book of Ruth (British Library, ms. Royal 1 C III)’, essay and critical edition, Reading Medieval Studies 44 (2018), 173-97

Review of The Abingdon Apocalypse, ed. D Burrows, Anglo-Norman Text Society, 74 (Oxford: ANTS, 2017); Medium Ӕvum 87 (2018): 410-11

Review of G Giannini, Un guide français de Terre sainte, entre Orient latin et Toscane  occidentale (Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2016), in Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie 134 (2018): 593-596

Review of The Anglo-Norman Lay of Haveloc, Text and Translation, ed. and trans. GS Burgess and LC Brook (Woodbridge, Suffolk; Rochester, NY: D.S. Brewer, 2015), Bulletin codicologique 16.2 (2017), 182*-184*

Review of Trinity Apocalypse, ed. I Short, Anglo-Norman Text Society (Oxford: ANTS, 2016), in Medium Ӕvum 86 (2017): 393-94

Review of Guillebert de Mets, Description de la ville de Paris 1434, Text, translation and notes by Evelyn Mullally. Brepols, Turnhout 2015 (Textes vernaculaires du Moyen Âge, 14), in Bulletin codicologique (2016), ° 377, pp. *182-*184

 ‘La Terre des Sarazins: the summary version’, Medium Ævum 84.2 (2015): 297-325

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