The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Digital Communication at Meredith College is an interdisciplinary program consisting of 16 semester hours of coursework: four 3-credit courses, a one-credit portfolio, and three hours of elective credit.

Students are also required to participate in a 2-3 hour on-campus orientation that includes program information, technology training, tips for effective studying at the graduate level, and more.

If admitted students have previously earned undergraduate credit for any of the core courses required for the certificate they must take an elective approved by the director in place of each course they completed as an undergraduate. No electives taken for undergraduate credit, whether at Meredith or another accredited institution, may be used for credit toward the certificate.

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Required Coursework

Core Curriculum (13 credits)
IDS – 203Principles of Digital Communication (3 cr.)
ART – 180Computer Literacy for Design (3 cr.)
COM – 365Digital Media Convergence (3 cr.)
ENG – 358Professional Writing (3 cr.)
IDS – 403Digital Communication Portfolio (1 cr.)

Electives (3 credits)
ART – 131Digital Photography I (3 cr.)
BUS – 250Applied Data Analysis for Business Decisions (3 cr.)
BUS – 303Management and Organizational Behavior (3 cr.)
BUS – 305Management Information Systems (3 cr.)
BUS – 360Principles of Marketing (3 cr.)
COM – 316PR Techniques (3 cr.)
COM – 350Business and Professional Communication (3 cr.)
COM – 380Interactive & Social Media (3 cr.)
COM – 480Communication Internship (0, varied course cr.)
CS – 110Ethics and Information Technology (1 cr.)
CS – 120Spreadsheets (1 cr.)
CS – 140Databases (1 cr.)
CS – 156Web Site Design & Management (3 cr.)
ENG – 245Introduction to Journalism (3 cr.)
ENG – 247Publishing and Editing (3 cr.)
ENG – 250Text and Image (3 cr.)
GEO – 203Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (3 cr.)