Meredith’s dance program provides students with the opportunity to develop artistically through disciplined training, creative exploration and self-discovery. Students participate in an active learning environment that fosters their growth as choreographers, performers and teachers. In addition to in-depth technical training, the curriculum explores the history of dance as an art form and prepares students to write, speak, research and think critically and creatively about dance. Students will be able to apply artistic, intellectual and physical knowledge of dance to a variety of professional settings.

Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Dance
Students majoring in dance are required to complete 47 credit hours, 32 of which are the prescribed core curriculum and 15 hours of approved dance electives.

Dance Major with a Concentration in Dance Education and K-12 License
Students majoring in dance with a concentration in Dance Education and K-12 License are required to complete 84 hours, which include 32 core curriculum and an additional 52 hours of dance and education-related courses.

Dance Major with a Concentration in Private Dance Studio Teaching
Students majoring in dance with a concentration in Private Dance Studio Teaching are required to complete 63 hours, which include 32 core curriculum and an additional 31 hours of dance-related courses.

Dance Minor
Students minoring in dance are required to complete 19 credit hours, which include 13 hours of courses that focus on dance technique, composition and history, and six hours of approved dance electives.

Professional Performance Certificate – Dance Track
The Professional Performance Certificate is open by audition to students who have declared a major in Dance. Coursework in advanced technique, advanced performance with faculty and professional choreographers, internships, and approved off-campus study is designed to prepare students for professional performance in regional and national markets.

Dance course descriptions »

Undergraduate course catalogue »

Dance Majors Core Curriculum – 32 credit hours

DAN – 159Movement Improvisation (2 cr.)
DAN – 160Perspectives in Dance (2 cr.)
DAN – 200Dance in Society (3 cr.)
DAN – 251Ballet II (0, varied course cr.)
DAN – 253Modern II (varied course cr.)
DAN – 254Jazz II (varied course cr.)
DAN – 256Dance Composition I (3 cr.)
DAN – 260Movement Analysis (3 cr.)
DAN – 297Methods of Research in Dance (3 cr.)
DAN – 352Dance Repertory (1 cr.)
DAN – 359Western Theatrical Dance (3 cr.)
DAN – 761Theory & Approaches to Dance Education (3 cr.)
Technique at 300-400 level (3)

Electives for Dance Major – 47 credit hours

Senior Portfolio* – (0 credits)
Choose from the following courses (15 credits):
(At least 7 credit hours must be 300 level or above)
Addt’l Dance Tech. at 300-400 level DAN 149, or DAN 249 (1-6)
DAN – 248Yoga for Dancers (varied course cr.)
DAN – 252Participation in Choreographic Projects (2 cr.)
DAN – 258Mind/Body Integration (varied course cr.)
DAN – 259Improvisation II (varied course cr.)
DAN – 261Music for Dance (1 cr.)
DAN – 290Production for Dance (3 cr.)
DAN – 352Dance Repertory (1 cr.)
DAN – 356Dance Composition II (3 cr.)
DAN – 358Movement Studio for Somatics (2 cr.)
DAN – 360Movement Structure and Function (4 cr.)
DAN – 457Pedagogy in Dance Technique (2 cr.)
DAN – 460Dance Practicum (varied course cr.)
DAN – 461Dance Practicum in Performance (varied course cr.)
DAN – 462Dance Practicum – Choreography (varied course cr.)
DAN – 463Dance Practicum – Technical Theatre (varied course cr.)
DAN – 480Internship in Performing Arts Administration (0, varied course cr.)
DAN – 498Honors Thesis in Dance (3 cr.)
DAN – 499Dance Research (3 cr.)
DAN – 762Methods of Teaching Dance, K-12 (3 cr.)
DAT – 430Selected Topics in Dance and Theater (varied course cr.)
ESS – 283Prevention and Care of Movement Injuries (3 cr.)
IDS – 355Arts Administration (3 cr.)
PED – 129Pilates (1 cr.)
PED – 148Yoga (1 cr.)
THE – 224Acting I (3 cr.)
* The Senior Portfolio serves as culminating documentation of the student’s work in the Dance major. This digital portfolio includes a written reflection on curricular and co-curricular learning in dance at Meredith; a professional resume, headshot, and biography; and photographic and/or video representation of work in dance. The digital platform will be agreed upon by the academic advisor and student at or around pre-registration for the first semester senior year

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.