Students currently enrolled in a BA program with a declared major in Dance Studies, Music or Theatre are eligible to apply for enrollment in the Professional Performance Certificate program.  Audition or portfolio review required. The certificate is designed to be an addition to the major; therefore credit hours earned as part of the certificate may count toward the 124 hour graduation requirement but may not count toward the corresponding major.

Professional Performance Certificate – Dance Track – 16 credit hours

Technique credits (choose up to 10 hours)
DAN – 351Ballet III (varied course cr.)
DAN – 353Modern III (0, varied course cr.)
DAN – 354Jazz III (varied course cr.)
DAN – 451Ballet IV (varied course cr.)
DAN – 453Modern IV (varied course cr.)
DAN – 454Jazz IV (varied course cr.)
DAN – 456Meredith Dance Theatre (1 cr.)
Other credits (choose up to 10 hours)
DAN – 352Dance Repertory (1 cr.)
DAN – 590Advanced Practicum in Dance Performance (varied course cr.)
Up to 6
DAN – 580Internship in Professional Performance (varied course cr.)
Up to 6
Approved off-campus professional study 1-9 credits (Study must be with an accredited institution)
Courses DAN 351, DAN 353, DAN 354, DAN 451, DAN 453, DAN 454, DAN 456, and DAN 352 can be repeated for credit.

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