- 344

Visual Sociology

(3 0 cr.) - Session(s): Spring | Course Even-Numbered Years Only

In this course we will explore how visual methods – mainly photography and film – are used to examine society and culture. At the core of our course is a focus on two themes: (1) how to use visual methods to capture and interpret sociological phenomena, and (2) the impact that visual images and representations have on individuals, groups, and society. Throughout the course, we will also consider how visual images construct, shape, and alter our reality. You will be introduced to a range of visual methodologies used by sociologists and other social scientists, including documentary photography, photo essay, photovoice, and documentary filmmaking. Some other themes of the course include: ethics and privacy in documentary work, using images for social change, participatory research, and changing visual media. Prerequisite: At least 3 credit hours in SOC.

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