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Graduation Recital (B.A. or Music Education Majors)

(1 0 cr.) - Session(s): Fall, Spring | Course Every Year

A 20- to 60-minute recital, including music at the appropriate level of advancement, to be offered during the fall or spring of the final year of study.  The student's research will lead to two documents associated with the recital: 1) program notes 2) a theoretical and historical analysis of the works and a discussion of how the learner has generated new insights or interpretations that foster reflection and self-understanding. The recital fulfills the Graduation Recital requirement for the Bachelor of Music degree with a major in music education or for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music.  B.A. or music education majors only. For the Bachelor of Arts candidate, a culminating project which combines research and performance may be substituted for a solo or shared recital. This substitution may be made upon recommendation of the faculty. Recital fee assessed. Prerequisite: Completion of MUS 295 – Sophomore Assessment Conference

Contact Information
141 Johnson Hall
(919) 760-8593