- 498

Honors Thesis in History

(3 0 cr.) - Session(s): Fall, Spring | Course Every Year

A research and seminar course that brings together work done across the major, builds upon HIS-334 and includes a senior research project of exceptional quality. Students will improve oral and written communication skills through class discussion and formal presentations. They will also make and implement plans for postgraduate education and careers. Each student will also formulate and execute an original research project that will culminate in a paper and an oral presentation. The director of the research project must approve a preliminary research proposal during the semester before the student takes this course, as must the appropriate director(s) of Honors and/or Teaching Scholars. The project must meet Honors and teaching fellows requirements as well as those of the History department. The course substitutes for the HIS-499 requirement. Prerequisites: HIS-334 or permission of instructor. A student who completes the HIS-498 Seminar as a prerequisite may undertake a second elective HIS-498 or HIS-499 research project on her own with an individual faculty director without attending the seminar a second time.

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