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Learning and Teaching Mathematics in the Intermediate Grades

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The focus in this course is on the instructional planning in mathematics based upon formative and summative assessment for large and small groups of students in the intermediate-upper elementary grade classroom.  Based upon constructivist theories, strategies and tools will be used to plan instruction that develops and extends students' understanding of number, operations, measurement, geometry, and data, algebraic thinking through reasoning, problem solving, communication, and connections. Also included are specific instructional strategies for helping students with diverse learning needs develop mathematical literacy. Approximately eight hours of focused, daytime field experiences (observations, student assessment interview, & small group instruction) at a partner school in a grade 3-5 classroom are required. Prerequisites: MAT-160 and MAT-260; EDU-304 and admission to the Teacher Education Program; Corequisite: EDU-410. This course is for students completing a K-6 license.

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