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Criminal Justice, Substance Use and Addiction

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This course will explore the correlation between crime and addiction as experienced by the various branches of the Criminal Justice System in the United States and the role of these agencies as a part of prevention, treatment, social responsibility and punishment. The exploration of alternative justice methods as well as traditional justice responses will be discussed.

Students completing this course will be able to: 

  • Explain drug use and addiction and the common sequence of mental, physical and behavioral changes that occur for addicts over time
  • Identification of the various forms of addictive behavior as they manifest in criminal behavior
  • Understanding the various local, state and federal programs designed to treat addiction without disregarding criminal justice punishment requirements
  • Understanding the effects of drug legislation on the various agencies within the criminal justice system
  • Demonstrate the safe and responsible communication skills needed in criminal justice settings
  • Explain the relationship between crime, violence and drugs

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