- 421

Scanning Electron Microscopy

(2 0 cr.) - Session(s): Spring | Course Every Year

The course is a comprehensive introduction to the theory and use of the techniques of scanning electron microscopy. The course is for students from a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to biology, chemistry, art, and human environmental science. Topics include history of SEM, electron optics (gun, lenses, probes, current), electron beam interactions (scattering and volume), image processing and optimization, critical point drying, and sputter coating. Designed as an instrumentation course it is necessary that students gain hands-on knowledge  of the SEM by completing a project. Each student will prepare a poster of her project results for presentation on the Celebrating Student Achievement Day. Three hours of instruction per week. Prerequisites: BIO-110/151, or BIO-105/145. Junior or Senior status required. Enrollment must be limited to 10 students.

Contact Information
141 Johnson Hall
(919) 760-8593