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Real Estate Specialty (161 contact hours)

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161 classroom hours

Learning Outcomes: Students will gain a thorough understanding of legal concepts and terminology pertaining to real property law, title examination, title insurance and transfer of interests in real property. Students will learn the techniques of title examination and will gain experience in conducting complete title searches. Students will become familiar with the procedures and documents used in a real estate closing. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the legal and ethical responsibilities of attorneys and paralegals in title examination and real estate transactions. Topics include: Principles of real property: estates in land, future interests, concurrent ownership, easements, fixtures; leases; recordation and priorities; title and title insurance. Types of deeds; legal descriptions, plats, and surveys; transfers by deed, will or inheritance; administration of estates; transfers by judicial sale, adverse possession, and operation of law. Purpose and methods of title examination; running a chain of title; abstracting deeds; estates; adverse conveyances; objections to title: restrictive covenants and zoning; city and county taxes; special assessments; U.C.C. filings; judgments, liens, lis pendens, and special proceedings. Preparation of exceptions sheet and report on title; organization of base title file. Contracts of sale; preparation for closing; closing checklists; preparation of notes, deeds, deeds of trust; closing statements; tax proration. Electives: Within this specialty, students will enroll in five 4-week courses in substantive areas of the law. Students will receive one grade for the specialty course which will include the grades they have received in the short courses. Pre-requisite: LEG 010, LEG 011, LEG 012, LEG 013 (semester 1)

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