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Paris in Literature and the Visual Arts

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This is a cultural studies course focusing on Paris, its history and its many representations in literary, cinematic and visual texts from the late 18th through the 20th century.  This course seeks to understand how the present-day appearance of the City of Lights is shaped by different forces throughout history, art movements and cultural representation. Interdisciplinary approaches are an integral part of the course inquiry and discussion. The course is organized around thematic topics, such as Paris, capital of the revolutions; Paris and Romanticism; Paris and modernity; Paris and Impressionism; the peuple de Paris and the bourgeoisie; the creation of the department store; Montmartre and the Belle Epoque; American expatriates in Paris; Paris and German occupation (WWII). Guest lectures included. Prerequisites: FRE 205, FRE 206 or FRE 208 or equivalent. Course taught in French exclusively.

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