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Topics in Language and Culture

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Offered only in connection with the department's programs of study in France or a Francophone country.  Since instruction is in French, the course carries as a prerequisite the completion of second-year French.  The course may entail instruction before, during, and after the experience abroad. Credit is awarded according to the following guidelines: Completion of assigned readings: 1 hour; Completion of a paper or journal: 1 hour; Participation in a series of organized visits: 1 hour.  Depending on the objectives of the foreign study program, directors may require any combination of the above elements, but in no case will more than three credit hours be awarded for the course.  Pass/Fail grading may be elected by the student. Instructor's consent required. Prerequisites: FRE-205, FRE-206 or FRE-208; or equivalent. 

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