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Learning and Teaching Mathematics in the Primary Grades

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The “foundational” elementary mathematics methods course, the course focuses on the development–and continuous assessment–of primary grade students' mathematical thinking and understanding of number, operations, measurement, algebraic thinking, and geometry. It includes an introduction to mathematics education in the elementary school (theoretical foundations, critical issues, curriculum, communicating with parents, tools & strategies, and continuing professional development for teachers). Comparisons and connections are made between the development of early literacy and mathematics skills in children. Specific strategies for helping students with diverse learning needs (ELL, learning disabilities, academically gifted) extend their understanding of mathematics are included. Approximately eight hours of daytime focused field experiences (observations, teacher interview, student interviews, & individual tutoring) at a partner school in a K-2 classroom are required. Prerequisite: MAT-160 and admission to the Teacher Education Program. Corequisite: EDU-310. This course if for students completing a K-6 licensure.

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