- 491

Professional Practices and Portfolio Development in Graphic Design

(3 0 cr.) - Session(s): Spring | Course Every Year

In this course students will develop a professional portfolio of work, create a self-identity system, design a business application suite, and explore graphic design business practices. Working individually with the instructor each student reviews representative projects that showcase personal methodology and demonstrates overall conceptual abilities and technical competencies within their work. Professional design practices, such as the development of a resume, cover letter and business contracts, preparing for interviews, presenting and selling yourself, working with clients, and producing a unique self-promotional portfolio piece will also be addressed. All Graphic Design majors should register for this course during their senior year.  Students graduating in the spring should take the course in the semester that they graduate. Students who complete their degree in the fall should take the course the semester before they graduate. Studio fee assessed.  Pre-requisites: Graphic Design major and Senior Status. Co-requisite: ART-490.

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