Multiple internship opportunities allow students to focus on unique and specific aspects of serving young children and their families. Students, in consultation with faculty, design an internship that meets their individual goals. Our faculty provide on-site supervision for individual students, who may choose a particular faculty member with whom to develop an independent study or community internship.

Meredith’s extensive contacts in the Raleigh community allow students to choose from a variety of options in early education and community-based services. A student interested in pursuing a career in child life may pursue internships such as the programs at Duke University Medical Center or WakeMed. A student interested in pursuing graduate studies in allied health sciences, such as physical therapy or speech therapy, may shadow a professional in her field of interest. A student interested in administrative or state initiatives may work with child care directors or programs under the auspices of the Division of Child Development. Such opportunities allow the student to develop an in-depth experience that better prepares them for employment in that area or for continued education in graduate school.

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Pamela Norcross
Associate Professor, Human & Environmental Sciences & Child Development Coordinator
216 Martin Hall
(919) 760-2357
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