Science (6-9)

The middle grades teacher education licensure program with a concentration in science provides appropriate learning experiences to meet the needs, capabilities, and interests of middle grades students studying science. The program is designed to assist individuals in acquiring knowledge, developing skills and dispositions within a learning environment focused on active involvement and integrated learning activities.

To complete the middle grades science teacher education program, students must complete the requirements for their chosen major as well as the following licensure requirements.

Students must be admitted in the Teacher Education Program to enroll.

Refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalogue for official information about licensure requirements.

From the General Education Requirements

The general education requirements of the College including these specific courses in the following areas:
Social and Behavioral Sciences
ENG – 320Young Adult Literature (3 cr.)
PSY – 312Psychology of Exceptional Individuals (3 cr.)
Cultural Elective
EDU – 345Language Minorities in Public Schools (3 cr.)
Arts and Aesthetics
Choose from any 3 credit hour Arts and Aesthetics elective, including:
DAN – 200Dance in Society (3 cr.)
DAN – 359Western Theatrical Dance (3 cr.)
THE – 114Introduction to Theatre (3 cr.)
THE – 214Creative Dramatics (3 cr.)
– or –
EDU – 244Fundamental Concepts of the Arts in Education (4 cr.)
Health and Physical Learning
HED – 100Contemporary Health Issues (2 cr.)

Concentration in Major

BIO – 110Principles of Biology (3 cr.)
BIO – 151Principles of Biology Laboratory (1 cr.)
BIO – 254Evolution of Biological Systems (3 cr.)
BIO – 326Principles of Ecology (3 cr.)
– and –
BIO – 346Principles of Ecology Laboratory (1 cr.)
– or –
BIO – 225Environmental Science (3 cr.)
– and –
BIO – 265Environmental Science Laboratory (1 cr.)
CHE – 111General Chemistry I (3 cr.)
CHE – 141General Chemistry I Laboratory (1 cr.)
PHY – 202Introduction to Astronomy (3 cr.)
– or –
PHY – 211General Physics I (3 cr.)
PHY – 241Physics I Laboratory (1 cr.)
GEO – 200Earth Science (3 cr.)
GEO – 206Meteorology (3 cr.)
GEO – 240Earth Science Laboratory (1 cr.)
SCI – 764The Teaching of Science (3 cr.)
(Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll in SCI 764)

Professional Education Requirements

Professional Education, General
EDU – 232Schools and Social Change (3 cr.)
EDU – 234Teaching and Learning (3 cr.)
EDU – 305Teaching with Technology (1 cr.)
EDU – 350Teaching in the Middle School (3 cr.)
EDU – 434Inclusion and the Adolescent Learner (3 cr.)
EDU – 436Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas

(Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll in EDU 305, EDU 434, EDU 436)

Professional Education, Methods
3-5 credit hours of Professional Education, Methods as appropriate to the required concentration

Internship – last semester of teacher education program
EDU – 460Colloquium in Education (3 cr.)
EDU – 490Observation and Directed Teaching (9 cr.)
(Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll in EDU 460, EDU 490)

Contact Information
Walda Powell
Head, Dept. of Chemistry, Physics, & Geoscience
203 Science/Mathematics Bldg.
(919) 760-8754
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