Congratulations Graduates!
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Wherever you are post-graduation, we are interested in learning more about your plans.  All Meredith seniors who graduate(d) in August, December or May are asked to complete The First Destination Survey for Meredith College.  If you have already completed the survey, “thank you.”  Your responses are very important to us.  

Your personalized survey is available through your Handshake account. Your confidential responses will provide us with critical information for career and academic advising, student recruitment and retention, employers looking to hire interns and full time employees, connections between alumnae and students, and institutional reporting.  

The First Destination Survey takes 5-7 minutes to complete; simply confirm or update your contact information and proceed with the survey. Since a lot can change in the months after graduation, you will be asked to confirm or update your responses in three months, six months and one year.  We encourage you to respond at each stage.  If you would like to change your email address, or any other contact information, please do so through the survey. 

Contact Information
2nd Floor, Park Center
(919) 760-8341