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Biology / Research

Biology Research

Research on turtles at the campus lake

The biology program maintains a strong research program available to all students during their time at Meredith College. Biology students have frequently had the opportunity to conduct research in labs at Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Students have presented their research at venues such as the North Carolina Academy of Science, Southeastern Association of Biology, State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium, and the Ecological Society of America.

Recent student research presentations include the following:

  • “Shell Morphology and DNA Sequencing of Disperse Populationsof Corbicula fluminea in North Carolina.”
  • “Tissue Culture, Plant Regeneration, and DNA Extraction of Tylosema fassoglense.”
  • “HIV protease inhibition abilities of Tylosema fassoglense.”
  • “Tissue Culture and Plant Regeneration of Tylosema fassoglense and Tylosema exculentum.”
  • “Extraction, Purification, and Isolation of Potential Protease Inhibitor from Root and Leaf of Tylosema fassoglensis.”
  • “Wetland Sediment Microbial Community Composition Shifts in Response to Global Change.”
  • “The Morphological Evolution of the Highly Specialized Aquatic Frogs Xenopus laevis.”
  • “The Effect of Nicotine Use on Decision Making Behavior.”
  • “Microbial Enzyme Activity in Response to Drought and Saltwater Intrusion in Wetland Soils.”
  • “Cloning of katA (catalase) in Staphlococcus epidermidis.”
  • “Fecal Coliform Monitoring of Meredith Pond.”
  • “Conversion of Secondary Amines to Imines Using Common Organic Reagents.”
  • “Cloning of the Restriction Enzyme Escherichia coli Restriction EndonucleaseI.”

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