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Meredith College’s fifth annual Make It Count for Meredith Giving Day held February 25, 2020, exceeded its $500,000 fundraising goal by more than $135,000. A total of 2,392 donors contributed $638,960 in 24 hours, pushing the day’s giving to 127% of the initial goal. It was reported initially that a total of $615,440 was raised but additional dollars were counted that were not given on the Giving Day website. Visit to view final totals by class and state and to view the social media board.  

Throughout the day donors were asked to honor a strong woman in their life with a gift and a goal of honoring 500 women was set. By midnight, 1,302 women had been honored. 

Below is a complete list of those who were honored.

"The Pearls"

1st Stringfield, 1992

2014 girls

2nd Stringfield freshman year!!!

'79 - mighty fine!

Abbey Rampley, 2021

Abby McAlister Littlefield, 2005

Abigail Hughes, one strong mama!

Abigail Lorentzen, 2016

Abigail Tester

Ada Mitchell Foster

Adalia Wiggs Powell, 1964


Adrian Lovelace Standish, my sister

Afeefa Ayesh, 2011

Alanna Haughey, 2020

Alex P Lewis

Alexandra Lankenau, 2019

Alexis Gracey, 2022

Alexis Reese

Alexis Trell, 2015

Alexis Walmer, 2020

All Meredith Alums who have studied abroad or traveled abroad with Meredith Travel, enriching my life as they enriched theirs.

All my friends from the class of 1988

All strong women of Meredith College

All the Meredith Angels in my life

All the strong Alumna of Human Environmental Sciences

All the teachers 2003

All working Mamas!

Allen Burris

Allie Kvasnicka, 2020

Allison Bartlett, 2019

Allison Clapp Marth, 2005

Allison Clemmer Howe, 1994

Allison Pappas, 2014

Allison Shivar, 2003

Allison Tart Taylor, 2010

Allyson Sugg

Alma Lane Lee, Professor Emeritus

Alston Tyndall

Amanda Bitler Smith, 2014

Amanda Brown, 2021

Amanda Coats Testino

Amanda Eubanks, 2010

Amanda McLain, 2018

Amanda Robinson, 1991

Amanda Sullivan

Amber Hager Elam, 1990

Amber McKinney

Amelia Gracean Bryant

Amy Fisher

Amy Olsen

Amy Watkins

Angela Aydlett

Angela O'Neil Velazquez, 1999

Angie Manning

Angie Manning, 1988

Angie Stallings

Ann B. Goodnight

Ann Hiott Barham, 1992

Ann Jones

Ann Kilian

Ann Lomax Cobb

Ann Michelle Roberts, 2015

Ann Rackley Kilian, 1959

Ann Right Owen

Ann Speight

Ann Thomas Cole

Ann Wallis Stephenson, 1948

Ann Wright Own

Anna (Buryk) Lambert, one of Meredith's best employees!

Anna Matthews

Anna Pope Mitchell

Anna Williams Collier, 1993

Anna Williams, 2012

Anna Wisniewski, 2022

Annabel, 2022

Anne Brooks

Anne Bryan, 1971

Anne Carroll Mustian Ezzelle, 1990

Anne Clark Dahle, 1954

Anne D. Houston

Anne Finch

Anne Fouche Styron, 1951

Anne Hutchins Young

Anne Robinson

Annie Laurie Overton Pomeranz, 1941

Annie Leppla

Annie Mae Duncan

Annie Poslusny, 2019, who is in graduate school at UNC!

Ansley Harris, 2020

Antoinette Charles

Anya K. Johnson, 2020

April Harriet Thompson,1994

Ashely Sivels, 2009

Ashley Allen, 2016

Ashley Cantrell, 1993

Ashley King Bahor (her birthday)

Ashley Prevatte Shearin, 2002

Ashley Shaw, 2012

Ashley Sivels, 2009

Ashley Taylor Watkins, 2002

Ashley White, 1996

Ashlyn Elliott

Astra Ball

Athena Atkinson

Aubrey Carr Wendelboe, 2000

Aubrey H. Warren

Audrey Jackson

Autumn Edwards Solomon, 2017

Avenging Angels

Bachelor Allen

Barbara C.  Mutschler

Barbara Johnson Kennedy, 1966

Barbara Keith

Barbara Schettler Massenburg

Barbara W. Bass

Barbara Williams

Barrett Brewer Coddington - for keeping us together

Barrett Royal

Bea Stevens Foster

Beatrice Chandler

Beatrice Donley

Becky Bailey

Becky Carraway Newberry, 1973

Becky Hellard

Belinda Hartman Thomas, 1974

Belle Haesler

Bernadette Wendel

Bernice Lowe

Bert Maness

Bess Miller Hunter

Beth Martin

Beth Meier

Betsy Deal,1965

Betsy Fritschel

Betsy Stockard Upton

Betsy Switzer

Bette Brewbaker Hadden

Betty Anne Schlegel, 1972

Betty C. Dolan

Betty Harrington

Betty Hooks

Betty Jo and Donald Prevatte

Betty Smith Murray, 1956

Billie Jo Kennedy Cockman, 1979

Blanche Hancock Williams, 1956

Blanche Triplette

Bobby Karmi

Bonnie Edwards, 1977

Bonnie Poplin Gainey

Brenda Greene

Brenda McLean, 1964

Brittany Buchanan Krahe, 2007

Brittany Lindgren, 2009

Brittany Phelps Conrad, 2011

Brooke Bennett Edwards, 2010

Brownie Doss

Cameron & Catherine Firebaugh

Cameron Talbert Hunter, 2000

Cammey Manning

Candice Bullock

Cara Faith Hawley Avery

Cara Watson Stauffer, 2002

Carla Sink

Carleigh Hiscock, 2021

Carlene Kinlaw Burns, 1952

Carlin Fraser, 2023

Carly Lantz

Carly Michaels

Carmen Moncla Hiott, 1992

Carol Andrews Southerland, '65

Carol Anne Oakes, my daughter, 2008, who gave birth to a future Meredith Angel 01/02/2020.

Carol Finley

Carol Heck Lucas

Carol Lemons

Carol Lenhart

Carol Price, 1969

Carol Townsend

Carol Webb, 1987

Carole Dishma

Carolina Diaz

Caroline C. Godwin

Caroline Exum Everett, 2011

Caroline Garrett, 2019

Caroline McClendon

Caroline Newcomb, 2015

Caroline Oliver, my granddaughter, possible future Meredith Angel

Carolyn Barrett Thackston, 1971

Carolyn Faulkner

Carolyn Leith

Carolyn O'Brien, 1973

Carolyn Wells, 1960

Carroll Anderson, 1967

Casey West

Cassandra Thompson

Cassie Cubilla

Catherine Coats 

Catherine Coats, 2019

Catherine Knight

Catherine Moorman, 2024, my niece

Cathie Hooks

Cathy Carter Weaver

Cathy Couch

Cathy Right Jones

Cathy Rodgers

Cathy Rodgers

Cathy Sutton

Cathy White Couch, 1981

Cathy Wright Jones

Cecil Ann Irvin Clinard

Cecile Ward White, 1952

Cecilia Eubanks

Chapel Bartee, 2023

Charis Hill, 2009

Charles E. Taylor, Jr.

Charlotte Cook Smith, my mother

Charlotte Holland

Charlotte Swift

Charnell Hinton

Cheryl Lee, 1997

Cheryl Lindeman

Cheryl Ursery Lee, 1997

Cheryl Whitt Perry, 1987

Child Development Professors

Christi Roberson Coiner, 2005

Christina Churchill, 2015

Christina Kiger, 2012

Christina Mendenhall Kiger, 2012

Christy Townsend Denham, 1990

Cindy Griffith McEnery, 1970

Cindy Johnson

Cindy Thomas Wood

Cindy Wood

Claire Beeson

Claire Cosgrove Edmonston, 2020

Clarky Davis, 1996

Class of  2006

Class of 1960

Class of 1961

Class of 1962

Class of 1965

Class of 1966

Class of 1969

Class of 1972

Class of 1973

Class of 1974

Class of 1975

Class of 1976

Class of 1977

Class of 1978

Class of 1979

Class of 1980

Class of 1981

Class of 1982

Class of 1983

Class of 1984

Class of 1985

Class of 1987

Class of 1988

Class of 1989

Class of 1990

Class of 1990

Class of 1991

Class of 1993

Class of 1994

Class of 1995

Class of 1996

Class of 1997

Class of 1998

Class of 1999

Class of 1999

Class of 2000

Class of 2001

Class of 2002

Class of 2003

Class of 2004

Class of 2004

Class of 2005

Class of 2006

Class of 2007

Class of 2008

Class of 2008! And my sisters 10, 12 &14!

Class of 2009

Class of 2010

Class of 2012

Class of 2013

Class of 2013

Class of 2014

Class of 2015

Class of 2015, my family, and Annie

Class of 2016

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Class of 2019 and to the sport and coaches who gave me the best 4 years of my life! #MCSB #Alumna

Class of 2020

Classes of 1999 & 2031

Clayta Bryant

Clyda Mason Parrish, 1927

Coach Leslie Payne

Colbie Normann Stephens, 2020

Colleen McKeel, 2017

Collins Anne Crowe

Communication Department!!!

Connie and Joe Kinney

Connie K. Suitt

Constance Pronier Cooper

Courtney Allen, 2010

Courtney Talbert Clark, 2005

Crystal Sumner Mann, 2009

Cynthia Daniel Cave

Cynthia Edwards

Cynthia Simmons Messimore, 1999

Dalinda Dunn Fairley

Dana Sumner

David C. Falk, Sr.

David Lynch

Dawn Euman

Dawn Wells Cottle, 1982

Deane Ballard Morgan

Deanna Deaton, 1999

Deanna Schroeders

Debbie Jackson

Debbie Jordan

Debbie McGee Hunter, 1978

Deborah L. Loftis, 1974

Deborah Tippett

Deborah Weaver

Delaney Rhodes, 2020

Dena White Waters

Dena White Waters, 1997

Dennie Law Terry

Diane Jay

Dianne Marie Jones Moser

Don & Faye Beal

Donna Cairns

Donna Cooper Ross, 1968

Donna Corbo

Donna Garner

Donna LaHaye

Donna Wilson Thagard, 1987

Doris Denning

Doris Farmer

Doris Penninger Farmer, 1965

Dorothy Loftin Goodwin, 1947

Dorothy Maynard Carawan, 1961

Dorothy Turlington

Dot Hooker

Dottie Winstead, in memory of

Double Trouble - Mary Louise Spain & Jean Newell!!

Dr. Alice Conger Patterson

Dr. Alice Keith

Dr. Alice Patterson

Dr. Betty Webb

Dr. Betty Webb and John Rose and all the beautiful, strong, adventurous women who have traveled the world through the gift of the Meredith Study Abroad Program.

Dr. Betty Webb, 1967

Dr. Bouknight

Dr. Brooke Shurer

Dr. Cammey Cole Manning

Dr. Clay

Dr. Courtney George

Dr. Débora Maldonado-DeOliveira

Dr. Deborah Tippett

Dr. Diane Rosen Ellis

Dr. Elizabeth Wolfinger

Dr. Erin Lindquist

Dr. Galligan

Dr. Garry Walton

Dr. Grathwohl

Dr. Gwynn Morris

Dr. Heather Bower

Dr. Ione Kemp Knight, 1943

Dr. Jack "Doc" Huber

Dr. Janice Swab

Dr. Jean Jackson

Dr. Jo Allen, 1980

Dr. Julia Hamlet Harris

Dr. Kathryn Clark

Dr. Kathy T. Best, 1980

Dr. LaRose Spooner

Dr. Leslie Syron, Sociology Professor

Dr. Leslie W Syron

Dr. Lois Frazier

Dr. Louise Taylor

Dr. Margarita Suarez

Dr. Marilyn Stuber

Dr. Martha Burpitt

Dr. Mary B. Johnson's Birthday

Dr. Mary E. Rittling

Dr. Mary Kay Delaney

Dr. Mary Lynch Johnson

Dr. Mary Lynch Johnson, 1917

Dr. Mary P. Rittling

Dr. Norma Rose, 1936

Dr. Novak

Dr. R. John Huber

Dr. Rebecca Oatsvall

Dr. Robin Colby

Dr. Ruth Steidinger, 1985

Dr. Shannon Grimes

Dr. Steven Benko

Dr. Steven Cox

Dr. Stuber

Dr. Tisha Duncan, 1999, and professor of education

Dr. Toni Parker

Dr. Virginia Knight

Dr. Virginia Knight, professor and head of math department during my time.

Dr. Yvette M. Brown

Dr. Yvette M. Brown, 1990

E Artis Wright Webber

Earlene Terrell

Edith Timberlake Knott, 1947

Elaine Yates Rogers

Eleanor Cosgrove

Eleanor Hill Oakley, 1974

Elizabeth "Betty" Gray Singletary, 1963

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Branch, 2018

Elizabeth Alexander Green, 2012

Elizabeth B. Yates, 1948

Elizabeth Batson Dees Raymond Noll, 1972

Elizabeth Beasley Abresch, 2008, my niece

Elizabeth C. McGrath

Elizabeth Cavanagh, 2020

Elizabeth Connell

Elizabeth Dobbins-Smith, 1999

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Grimes (MOM)

Elizabeth Hall Brewer, 1974

Elizabeth Harmon

Elizabeth K. Yaros

Elizabeth Kelly Smith, 2003

Elizabeth McClendon

Elizabeth McGrath

Elizabeth Oates, 2013

Elizabeth Page, 2020

Elizabeth Pruitt Johnson, 1942

Elizabeth Ritchey

Elizabeth Spires, 2001

Elizabeth Triplett Beam, 1972

Elizabeth Warren McBride

Ellen Rumley, 1977

Ellen Walker Huffman, my Mom

Ellen Wardlaw, 1964

Elliott Bradley

Eloise Atwell - Future Angel

Eloise Thomas Carr (mom), 1949

Elsie Joyner

Emerson Lambert

Emerson, Anna, and Jane ... the three amigos.

Emily C. Ward, 2023 (my daughter)

Emily Dawson Davis, 2010

Emily Graham, 2022

Emily Gregg

Emily Hines Harper, 2009

Emily Judd

Emily Katherine Judd, 2017

Emily Lambert

Emily Lambert, 2023

Emily McKenzie Gregg, 2010

Emily Mitchum, 2020

Emily Parker

Emily Potok, 2019

Emma Ann Green

Emmarie Harrell

Erica Bader Hyman, 2012

Erika Woodlief, 1998

Erin Cleghorn

Erin Collier, 2021

Erin Etheridge Prim, 2010

Erin R. Miller, 2006

Ernestine Newman

Eula Mae Baker

Eunice Bland

Eva Monroe Ruth

Evelyn Bethea Danford, 1949

Evelyn Inabinett

Evelyn Rose Hopkins, 1938

Evelyn Shytle

Evie S. Odom

Faithe Grantham Jobe

Faye Autry Jackson, 1965

Fern J. Washburn

Fran Scholl

Frankie Epps Taylor

Freda Tricarico

Future Meredith alumna

Gail Brinn Wilkins, 1961

Gail Cherry Richardson

Gail Gaddy Dail, 1971

Gail Richardson, 1983

Gale Helton Hess, 1975

Gatlin Chandler

Gaye Hill

Gayle Edwards

Gayle Wells Powell, 1950

Geneva "Gen" Stanley Harrell

Gentry Hoffman

Geraldine Dawkins Atkinson, 1947

Geraldine 'Gerrie' Atkinson

Geraldine Jonas Mudge

Gerry Ritter

Gilda Wall

Gina Howard

Gina Robinson

Ginger Knott Johnson

Ginna Knott Reynolds

Glenda Corell

Gloria McDonald Stubbs, 1967

Grace Smith Tolson

Grace Smith Tolson, 2014

Grace Sugg, 2007

Gray Goodwin

Great Friends

Gwen Davis

Gwendolyn Hilliard Matthews

Gwynn Morris

Haley Carson, 2015

Haley Ginn Darden, 2017

Halie Sue Smith Clifton, 2011

Hannah - a future angel

Hannah Dawson, 2013

Hannah E. Phillips, 2021

Hannah Gerding

Hannah Morgan

Hannah R Gerding, 2017 Future DPT Class of 2020 ECU

Hannah Sadel, 2020

Hannah Watkins, 2019

Harper Anne

Harper Pruitt, 2021

Harriet Murphy

Heath Rada

Heather Blake Dreps, 1995

Heather E. Bruce, 2000

Heather Jones Floyd, 2012

Heather Melton Freeman, 1999

Heidi LeCount

Helen Rivers, 1936

Hilary S. Allen, 2001

Hilary Wilkinson

Hilda Cunningham Kirby

Hillary Stone, 2014

Hillery Willis

Holden McLennan

Holly Watkins, 2018

Hope Hodges Taylor, 1951

Hope Howell Graney

Hulene McLean, 1972

Ida Carol Senter Wilson

Imogene P. Manning

In memory of my parents

Ingrid Potter

Interior Design Majors 1992 to 2020

Irene Fleming

Iris Culler Creech, 1943

Ivy Barnett Rowe

Ivy Caroline Butler, 2022

Ivy Rouse, 2023

Jackie Boone James, 1969

Jackie Myers

Jade Jordan, 2021

James H Parks

Jan Powell, Grandmother of 3 Meredith Angels

Jane Andrews

Jane Baker Pearson

Jane Burris

Jane BurykEmerson Lambert

Jane Carver Bumpass Dixon, 1964

Jane Dameron Worley

Jane Sullivan

Jane Watkins Sullivan, 1946

Janet Ray Coleman McGill

Janice M. Holman

Janice Sherrill

Jean Gaddy Scholl, 1949

Jean Gambrill

Jean H Ballard

Jean Hawkins

Jean Humphreys Bawden

Jean Newell, 1946

Jean P. Mason, 1952

Jeanne Fleischmann Currier

Jeff and Ann Stephenson

Jeni Miller

Jennifer Bissette

Jennifer Carter Stephenson, 1979

Jennifer Harris, 1980

Jennifer Hobbs

Jennifer Laws Barker

Jennifer Olive, 2001

Jennifer Riggs, 2020

Jennifer Rogers

Jennifer Thompson Mouney, 2000

Jenny Amari, 1994

Jenny Hubbard Ketner, 1971

Jenny Thigpen

Jenny Wilson Hanson, 2002

Jessica Barton

Jessica Brooks Walsh, 1997 and 2008, my daughter

Jessica P. Currin

Jewel Clark Bartholomew

Jill Bromenschenkel, 2021

Jill Nester Hayes, 2005

Jo Revelle Murray Isenhour, 2011

Joan Fischer

Joan Flynn

JoAnne Branch, 1983

Joelle Wike Baysden, 2003

John Rose

John S. Irwin

Jolean Brann, 2014

Jolene W Edwards, 1948

Jonsie Peterson Houseman, 1974

Jordan Lassiter, 2016

Jordan Lewis

Jordan Mays 

Jordan Mays, my granddaughter

Jordyn Johnson, 2021

Joy Cogswell

Joy Goldsmith Jarrett

Joy McNeill Chafin, 1997

Joy Terry Wilkes, 1987

Joyce Ellis

Joyce Garner Pate, 1962

Joyce Ingram

Joyce Kemmerer, 1977

Joyce M Sumner

Joyce McIntyre Rudisill, 1940

Joyce Rhodes, 1971

Joyce Smith Ellis

Judi Peele Hawkins

Judy Abernethy

Judy Abernethy, 1970

Judy Cabrera

Judy Hubbard Marx, 1971

Judy James, 1962

Judy May

Judy Ratley May, 1968

Judy Wilkerson Anderson, 1982

Judy Young James

Julia Floars

Julia H Abernethy

Julie (best roomie) and Kate (best suite mate)

Julie Lloyd Dula

Julie Packer, 2000

Julie Rawls

Julie-Anne Pretty, 2020

Kala MacDowall

Kamryn N. McGehee, 2020

Kara Barrett

Karen Harrison Calhoun

Karen Stone, 1980

Karen Wolcott Schulz, 1983

Kate and June

Kate Leidheiser Kubacki

Kate Marshall, 2015

Kate Ritchie

Kate Robinson Newkirk

Kate Taylor

Katherine Bonner, 2017

Katherine Champion, 2022

Katherine Clary Burdine, 2014

Katherine Dittmann, 2022

Katherine Gambella

Kathie Garton

Kathie Wilkinson

Kathleen Alm

Kathleen Parker, my Mother-in-law

Kathryn Booth Butler, 1996

Kathryn Warren

Kathy Anderson Newcomb, 1981

Kathy Breen

Kathy Garnier

Kathy Gillikin

Kathy Hollins Gregersen

Katie Crumpler, 2024

Katie L. Catterfeld, 2000

Katie Murphy, 2018

Katie Nisbet

Katie O'Neill, 2009

Katie Pittman Ross, 2017, and her daughter on the way, Meredith Blake

Katie Price Huber, 2008

Katrina Cole Romblad

Katy MacDonald

Kay Allen Blizzard, 1978

Kay Lambeth, 1938

Kay Powell, my mother

Kelley Davidson Johnson,  2001

Kelley Marrale

Kelly Branco

Kelly McLawhorn Graham

Kelly Perriccio

Kelsie Taylor, 2018

Kensey Covert

Khaki Parks, 1982

Kim Ball, 1980

Kim Green

Kim Hughes

Kim McCall Whitley, 1985

Kim McCoury

Kimbra Audette, 1992

Kirby Forbes, 2019

Kiren Pell (first year student)

Kristin Bradsher, 2020

Kristin Richey Watkins

Kristy Herrmann Hollis, 2011

Lacey Burt Knapp, 2009

Laine Marus Crowe, 1995

Laine Marus Crowe's twins

Lara Stroud Dick, 2003, who just received tenure at Bucknell! 

LaRay Williams Mason

Laura Adams, 2012

Laura Cave

Laura G. Knott, 2015

Laura K Holder Adams

Laura Lee Slate, 1974

Laura May, 2000

Laura Potol, 2021

Laura Prestwood Thompson, 1990

Lauree Herrmann, 2008

Lauren Hair

Laurie Harrison

Laurie Thournburg Setzer, 1990

Lauryn Dupree, M.Ed. 2019

Leah Campbell, 2022

Lee Daughtry Peak

Lee Simrell Broughton, 1972

Leia Trotter

Leigh Welborn Stephenson

Lena Epps Brooker, 1962

Lenelle Welch Hines, 2014, my daughter

Lenettie Qualls

Leni Crook

Leslie Best, 1981

Leslie Bunch Jefferson, 2016

Leslie Rouse, 2020

Leslie Syron

Lexi Ann Maguire, 2015

Lexie Anne Stephens Brown, 2015

Libby Dulaney

Lily Shore Rosene

Linda Carter, 1982

Linda Ehrlich, 1973

Linda Hall, 1969

Linda M Wann, 1976

Linda McKeithan

Linda Wann

Linda Wilson

Lindsay Davis

Lindsay J. Marvin

Lindsay Taylor Bass, 2004

Lindsey Jones Renaud

Linza Layman-Coffee, 1976

Lisa Benton

Lisa McBryde, 1984

Lisa Parker Presson 1981

Lisa White MacLauchlin, 1991

Liz Grimes Droessler

Liz Yaros

Logan Schaefer, 2012

Lois Shuffler Edwards, 1949

Loretta Briggs Roberson

Loretta Hall

Lori Brown

Lori Jones Sykes, 1996

Lorraine Allen

Lou Ann Tetterton

Lou Rosser

Lou Turner

Lucille Parker Guthrie, 1936

Lucille Parker Newton, 1936

Lucille Robinson

Lydia Brown

Lydia Kindig

Lydia Senter Langdon, 1972

Lynda Smith, 1982

Lynn Church

Lynn Davis

Lynn Dodge, 1968

Lynn Joyner, 1979

Lynn V Leidheiser, 1983

Lynne Murray

Mabel Hawley Yarborough Bullock, 1933

Mabel Yarborough Bullock, 1933

Mack Thompson, 2016

Macy Allen

Madeline May Allen, 1931

Madelyn Bigham

Madison Hamilton

Maggie Bizzell, 2009

Maggie Cobb

Maggie Hart, 2010

Maggie Stroud

Maggie Williams, 2021, my niece

Maghan Horne

Malone Lockaby, 2004

Mandy Johnson

Margaret and Roxanne

Margaret Ann Deal

Margaret Creech Sutton

Margaret Phillips

Margaret Rackley Phillips, 1964

Margaret S. Mueller

Margaret Slate Walker, 1958

Margaret Sullivan

Margaret Sutton

Margaret Warren

Margaret Weidman, 2020

Margery Burke Paylor

Margie Parker

Margie Tyndall, my mom

Margo Alfieri, 2011

Maria Blackmon Tobin, 1985

Maria Clemmons

Maria Gambella

Maria Hill Clemmons

Maria Williams Styers, 1991

Marian Cregger Bryant, 2011

Marianne Johnson Baker

Marie Johnson

Marie LaHaye Hotta, 2010

Marie P. Smith

Marilee Tilley

Marilyn Lowe Butler (aka mom)

Marilyn Stuber

Marilynn Kornegay Hroza, 1974

Marion Hendrix

Marion Winston Dean, 1951

Marissa Knott, 2008

Marjie Johnson

Marjorie Floyd, 1955

Marjorie Pearce

Mark O'Dekirk

Marley Russell, 2001

Martha Barnwell

Martha Burpitt

Martha Dobson, 1981

Martha Hudson

Martha Lyday Dobbins, 1971

Martha Plyler Tracy, 1965

Martha Rivers Dickson, 1964

Martha W. Barnwell, 1984

Marti Durham

Mary Ann Nicholas

Mary Anne Hardy Dawson 1978

Mary Beth Hardy Leavitt, 1975

Mary Beth Pruette Parker, 1973

Mary Blaire Stephens, 2017

Mary Brantley Johnson

Mary Brown Wicker

Mary Estes Speight, 1953

Mary Frances Carver Perkinson, 1963

Mary Frances Craig Davis, 1948

Mary Frances Raper

Mary Jacque Peterson Coble, my senior suitemate

Mary Jo Griffin Hooks

Mary Johnson

Mary Kate Morgan, 2018, my daughter

Mary Kate Ruth Humphrey, 2008

Mary Kathryn Fisher, 1968

Mary Lee Lassiter Taylor

Mary Leigh Parnell Watson, 1938

Mary Lou Shannonhouse

Mary Lu Wooten, 1975

Mary Lynn Currie Jernigan

Mary Lynn Purcell Roberts

Mary Monson, my strong 90-year-old mother, who taught me that I could do anything.

Mary Sarah O'Bryan, 2012

Mary Scruggs

Mary Sigmon, 1953

Mary Sloop

Mary Speight

Mary Vance Watson

Mary Warren

Mary Watson Nooe, 1969

Mary Weathers Gentel

Mary Woodell Scruggs

Maryann Hiscock, 1998 MBA

Mattie Robertson

MBA 2007

MCGs 2009

McKenna Mann

MCSB and Class of 2013

Megan Amanatides, 2015

Megan Evans Singletary, 2015

Megan Sink, 2018

Megan Stout, 2023, my niece

Melanie Chrisp, 2000

Melanie Mayer

Melinda Campbell- NHHP dept head

Melissa Caulberg Plyler and JoAnn Norwood

Melissa Long, 1998

Melody Strong Harrell, 2003

Meredith College Lacrosse

Meredith College Students

Meredith Dyer Smith

Meredith Supper Club, 1981

Meredith Swindell, 1998

Meredith Taylor Smith

Michael Ostrowski

Michelle Smith

Mikala Verderosa, 2020

Mildred Claeson

Mildred Watts, 1962

Mimi Elmore

Minnie Ruth McNeill Gentry, 1936

Miriam Kelly Mays, 2020

Miriam Powell, 1948

Missy Butler, 2001

Mitchell Lee Lawrence

Molly H. Dean, 2004

Molly Mauney Warren, 1992

Molly Morgan Wilson, 2018

Morgan Suzanne Daly

Music Majors of 1983

My "must haves" in the class of 1987

My amazing grandmothers

My amazing professors who taught me to dream big

My aunt, Mary Kathlyn Ainsley Early

My daughter and myself Hunter Gentel, 2003

My daughter Kately, 2020

My daughter, Eleanor. May she always have strong women in her corner.

My daughter, Kaleigh, 2042 (future angel!)

My daughter, Sarah Catherine Rhodes, 2010

My daughters and granddaughters

My family lineage of Meredith grads!

My family of MC alum before me!

My favorite Meredith girl, Carolyn Leith, 1985

My forever friends of 1982

My future MC Angel, class of 2037

My grad peeps: Veronica Johnson, 2001 & Carolina Diaz

My granddaughters Lydia and Adelaide

My Grandmother:  Lena Humphreys Graham, 1907

My grandmothers

My little sisters Avion & Laura

My MC girls

My MC Girls, Class of 2003

My Meredith Classmates of 1965 who have influenced my life in many positive ways!

My Meredith Sisters in the Class of 1970

My mom

My Mom -- Martha Ann O'Hara

My mom, Alice J. Bradsher

My mom, Carole

My Mom, Elaine Hiner

My Mom, Jackie Pollard, who supported me in my ability to attend Meredith

My mom, Janis Wade

My mom, Kathleen Alm, who turns 80 today!  Happy birthday Mom!

My mom, Robin Brown

My Mother

My mother and grandmother, two strong women

My mother Peggy M Hill

My Mother, a woman of wisdom and strength

my mother, Hilda Lee, and my roommate, Sandy Moore

My mother, Lee Douglas, who was the strongest lady I know!

My Mother, Margaret Louise Perry

My mother, Mary Raynor Ainsley

My mother, Meta Mae Williams Kennedy, 1953

My Mother, Phyllis Culbreth, 1970

My mother, Rose Powers, the strongest woman I know, and my two daughters who are going to change the world!

My mother, Sadie Outlaw Neel, 1944!

My mother, Stennett Graham Mcleod, 1948

My mother, Virginia L. Sams

My parents

My Parents

My parents who made it possible

My Parents, Robert and Gwen Andrews who made it possible for me to attend Meredith College

my roommate and suitemates

My roommate for 4 years - Ellen Flippen Smith, 1982

My roommate, Gina Patterson Robinson

My senior suite

My sister Peggy Beale, 1977. A Meredith Angel!

My Sister, Carol Lassiter Lemons

My sister, Catherine Mcleod Gilmore, 1983

My sister, Diane Childress McCarter, 1975

My sisters in the Class of 1996

My strong daughter, Natalie Lewis

My strong mother and sister!

My Suite: Amy, Cornelia & Kathryn, 1992

My wonderful Meredith friends!

Myla Fowler, My Mom

Myra Brown

Myra Waddell

Myrtle Parrish Dean, 1917

Nabiha Khan, 2020

Nadine Kennedy Bradsher,1988

Nakia Bennett, 2010

Nan Henry Keel Class of 1987

Nancy Beattie

Nancy Cameron

Nancy Cheek

Nancy Floyd Long

Nancy Garrett, 1978

Nancy Hollingsworth

Nancy Houston, 1980

Nancy Joyner, 1958

Nancy McNabb Thrift, 1965

Nancy Spencer Bartlett

Nancy Thrift

Naomi Hill, 2021

Naomi O'Connor

Natalie Lewis

Nell Schuck

Nell Shuck

Nellie Holder

Nelly Navarro-Britt

Nicole Armstrong Cockerham

Nina Bostic

Nina Schlosburg-Landis

Noelle Smith

Nola Grace Brown, 2020

Nolan Hall

Norma Stephenson Griffin

Ola Marion Atkinson

Olivia Gainey, 2016

Olivia Shipp, 2020

Olivia Skaggs, 2024

Olivia Slack, 2022

Onnie Walston Whitley

Our daughter, Cheryl Mason Bolick, 1991

Our future leaders!

Paige Kennedy Cockman, 2013

Paige M. Goodwin, 2021

Paige Upton Lewis, 1982

Pandora Holloway, 1979

Paola De La Rosa

Paola De La Rosa, 2018

Parents of Class of 1987

Parker Normann

Pat Clemmer

Pat McNeil Day, 1948

Patricia Bescher Sevier, 1964

Patricia Claypoole

Patricia Nutter

Pattie Fleming, 1962

Patty Jo Riddick Pulley, 1983

Paula H. Vick '94

Pearle Johnson, 1907

Peggy Beale, 1977

Peggy Jones

Peggy Kennedy Carter

Peggy Ross

Peggy Smith, 1959

Peggy Webster

Peggy Williams, 1980

Peyton C. Rigsbee

Phebean Gadison

Phedre Wardup

Phyllis Marshall

Polly Coats

President Jo Allen, 1980

Professor Carol Finley

Professors O'Dekirk, Morris, Fairbank.

Rachel Gilley Collins

Rachel Stole Matthews

Rachel T Rouse, my daughter in law

Rachel Tillett Davis, 2015

Rachel Whitesell Pittman, 2002

Ramona Prestwood

Reagan Toups

Reagan Wardup

Rebecca Green, 1980

Rebecca Huffstetler, 1998

Rebecca Kicklighter

Rebecca McClendon

Rebecca Murray, former professor of education

Rebecca R Churchill, 2023

Rebecca Stephenson Harper, 2011

Rebecca Susan Brown Joyner

Rebekah Abrams, 1997

Regan Tart, 2019

Renada Liuzzo

Rev. Ramona Craig Prestwood

Rhaegan Jackson

Richard Foster

Roberta Pearle Johnson

Robin Brown

Robin Lilley

Robyn Wright Bone

Roger and Mary Warren

Rose Powers

Roselind Holloman

Rosemary Hornak

Ruby Gail Newton

Ruby Haynie Carver, my mother

Ruby Newton

Ruth Ann Sloop Whitener

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Hilliard, 1928

Ruth Overman Bass, 1968

Ruth Ramsey Fletcher

Ruth Spence

Rynn Ott, 2002

Sadie Outlaw Neel, 1944

Sally Cochran

Sally Smith Grimes (2011)

Sally Wooten Queen, 2000

Samantha Frenduto

Samantha Lynn Sykes, 2020

Samantha Perry Stallings, 2010

Sandra C. Close

Sandy Glosson

Sandy Ward

Sandylee Singletary

Sara Dawalt

Sara Fagan Cutler, 1958

Sara Fitts

Sara Kay Dixon Dawalt, 1999

Sarah Allen 2020

Sarah Blankenbeker

Sarah E. Jennings, 2022

Sarah Edwards Benko

Sarah Gambella

Sarah Halsey, 2022 - my daughterr

Sarah Haseeb

Sarah Hroza Wilson, 2002

Sarah Huggins, 2019

Sarah Jennings

Sarah Karboski, 2021

Sarah Newbern Brashear

Sarah Powell 

Sarah Powell, 2022

Sarah Rickman, 2009

Sarah S. Watson, 1953

Saylor Atkinson

Seleta Grace Sugg, 2007

Senator Elizabeth Hanford Dole

Shannon Rich

Shannon Summerlin Craver, 200

Sharyn Hemrick West, 1971

Sheila Forbes

Shellie Whitehurst, 1991

Shera, Marilyn, and Jane

Sheri Howell Paul, 1984

Sherry Holt

Shirley Long

Sierra Smith

Sonya Ammons Massengill, my senior suitemate

Sophie Knott, 1987

Sophie Lanneau, 1902 (Immortal Ten)

Stella Sutton Barker, 2003

Stephanie Farmer

Steve Corbin

Stewart DiFiore

STRONG Angels of Class of '85

Strong women in the English department who pushed us to grow and learn...and also enjoyed literature with us, and continue to encourage us even after graduation.

Student Athletes

Study Abroad 1994

Sue Ennis Kearney, 1964

Sue Liverman

Sue Liverman 

Summer Warrington, 2018

Susan Bohnsack

Susan Burnette

Susan Crouch Craig

Susan E. Bass

Susan Galyon Spangler, 1978

Susan Jones Holder, my senior suitemate

Susan Leathers Burnette, 1963

Susan Perry

Susan Samsel

Susan Senter Worrell, 1975

Susan Shackleford

Susan Shingleton Shackleford

Susan Vallance

Susan Vallance, 1975

Susan Walters Puryear

Susanna Gransee

Susie Beggs Sporidis, 1981

Suzanna McNeely Beamish, 1998

Suzanne Badgett Albert

Suzanne Coddington

Suzanne Ramsey Turner, 1967

Suzanne Tisaranni Rose

Sydney Lang, 2021

Sydney Spadaro, 2019

Tabitha Ostrout

Talia Fann, 2002

Tammi Dittmar

Tammy L. Holder, 1990

Tashiana Potts, 2024

Taylor Mills

Taylor Newberry Elliott

Taylor Newberry Elliott, 2005

Taylor Walker

Taylor Wilson Twine, 2013

Taylor Wilson Twine, 2013

Teese Ayers Griffin, 1968

Teri Meadows Hires, 1977

Tess Coleman, 2016

Tess Ellen Coleman, 2016

Tessa and Sutton

The amazing strong women of the North West Raleigh Classical Conversations Homeschool Community

The amazing students and faculty in the arts.

The Angels in our Midst and those who wait for us in Heaven.

The Batchelor Family

The Circle Class of 1994

The Communications Dept.

The fabulous ladies from the Class of 2010!

The fantastic women from the Class of 1984!

The forever friends & memories made at sweet MC. Who are we?!? 2019

The future of education and athletics!!!

The ladies of 2010!

The Love of Meredith

The Meredith Alumnae Book Club

The Meredith English Department

The Phonathon Callers!

The Softball Program

The STAT Team

The Stephens Family

The Strayhorn girls

The Strong Women of my Meredith Suite

The Strong Women of the Class of 1975

The women of the Class of 1972

Thea Burges Dean, 1954

Theresa Hooks and our MC Girls

Theresa Leatherwood, 1962

Those who played basketball 1995-1999.

Tonda Carraway

Toni Parker

ToniAnn Loftus

Tonya Cope, 2001

Tonya Cope, my amazing high school English teacher who told me about Meredith in the first place. I wouldn't have gone without her!  

Tori Little, 2019

Tori Penna

Tori Thompson, 2021

Tracey Lorentzen

Traci Johnson

Tracy Smith

Tracy Walker, my daughter

Tricia Crouch Williams

Tricia Murray

Trinnie O'Connor, 1993

Velma Hickman

Velma Preslar

Velvet Purdue

Verona Chow

Veronica Johnson

Vicki Currin

Victoria Penna, 2019

Virginia Avery, 1977

Virginia Leahy and Baby Girl Knoll

Virginia McAulay

Virginia Patrick Avery, 1977

Virginia Stone Thomas

Vivien Jeffreys Barker, 1942

Wanda Brett Jordan

Wendy Daly, 1989

Wendy Roper Daly

Whitley Glosson, 2015

Whitley Holt, 2017

Whitney Clayton, 2005

Whitney Collins Hunter, 2008

Whitney Jones Sluder, 2013

Whitney Pepper, 2020

Whitney R. Taheri, 2009

Whitney Taheri, 2009

Whitney Vaill Hamilton

Willie Hawkins

Wilma Snyder

Winborne Thorn Macphail, 1989

Woody Dicus, 1974

Wynona Martin

Wynona Smith Taylor

Xylem Gee

Yasmeen Haseeb

YaYas 2012

Yiotta Hasty


The Office of Institutional Advancement, who organized the event, is thankful to all the donors who contributed on this special day. The gifts make an impact for Meredith students and the entire campus community.   


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