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These exciting programs will propel Meredith toward becoming the strongest college possible.

Research on Women

With a history of educating women and a reputation for conducting important research, Meredith has the opportunity to take on national prominence as a leading resource on selected women’s issues. Building on the recently completed Status of Girls report, potential areas of focus include women and their workplace conditions, earnings, education, work patterns, political engagement, and leadership development.


Athletic and Learning Complexes

Much needed new and renovated buildings can bring innovative new offerings to Meredith. The renovation of Barefoot Residence Hall may create learning/living spaces for our own students or for guests of the College in our weekend and/or corporate programming. A new athletics complex would serve our sports teams, as well as our exercise and sports science majors. Both complexes would touch the lives of faculty, staff, students, and friends eager to experience Meredith as an educational and community hub.



StrongPoints is a personalized advising and coaching model based on educational research on how successful students make the most of college. Students evaluate their strengths and then work with faculty and staff advisers to choose classes and activities that help them build on their strengths, broaden their experiences, and reach their goals. They also build skills critical to setting priorities and solid financial planning that help them achieve their goals while in college … and beyond.


Campus Enhancement

The beauty of the Meredith campus comes with much-needed attention to routine and extended maintenance, structural integrity, and changing needs. Upgrades to facilities infrastructure will sustain and enhance the value of the College and ensure that Meredith students learn and live in first-rate facilities. And state-of-the-art technology will provide students, faculty, and staff with systems they need to succeed in an increasingly connected, and sometimes insecure, world.


Wings – Adult Education at Meredith

For years, Meredith was known for its outreach to non-traditional aged women seeking to earn a bachelor’s degree. Reinvigorating adult education is critical to our mission. Serving this population raises some special challenges; some women have more time to pursue a degree, while others are juggling families, careers, and other responsibilities. The program, now known as Wings, will address these complexities and invite all women to find their educational grounding at Meredith, even as they strive for greater success.



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