Whitney Ross

Whitney Ross

I enjoyed my Artist in Residence experience immensely. A few of my favorite experiences were getting to assist in classes, working in the gallery whenever help was needed, and just generally working with the department. The program helped me refine my style as an artist and gave me the opportunity to explore themes and ideas more in-depth within my work. The residency also gave me more confidence as a professional artist, which in turn has helped me so much in creating/marketing my small business. 


Currently, I am a full-time professional working artist. I not only do commission work and freelance illustration/graphic design, but my main work is my small shop on Etsy: “BrushedBotanical.” I sell watercolors, embroidery pieces, and embroidery sticker packs. My current work is a direct thread from the work I was creating during my residency, which centered around various forms of botanicals and elements found in nature. 


In the future, I hope to attend grad school and get my master’s in painting or illustration and further expand my creative skills and apply them to my business.