Victoria Mulcahy

Victoria Mulcahy​

After graduating from Meredith with a dual degree in graphic design and studio art with a focus in ceramics, I chose to apply for Meredith’s residency in ceramics to further my skills in the medium and build up my portfolio for graduate school. During this residency, my love for teaching flourished as I assisted in each of the ceramics courses. I was able to assist students with their work, lead group critiques, grade student work, and create a semester-long sketchbook project for each class. During this time, I was also building a series of ceramic works, exploring, and experimenting with my style. Overall, the residency was beneficial in figuring out where I wanted to head next with my artwork as it provided me with new experiences and guidance from my mentor as well as the time, space, and supplies to further explore my work. 


Since the residency, I have been working full-time as a Marketing Manager and part-time as a Freelance Graphic Designer. Although I am only working in one of my fields, I continue to work on my ceramic sculptures in my free time. The residency solidified my love for ceramics and my goal of being able to one day work full-time in my desired field of fine art. 


In the future, I plan to attend graduate school and earn my Master of Fine Arts, enabling me to teach ceramics at a collegiate level. To add to that aspiration, as a professor I would also enjoy creating some elective courses that explore the combination of the two mediums I work with: ceramics and typography.