Sarah Beatty Kourkowski

Sarah Beatty-Kurkowski

The AIR Program was a great opportunity in which I was able to create something I was passionate about and was able to grow with a small group of other artists. I loved being able to bounce ideas off the others and their mentors. The program gave me experience and time management skills. I took on a lot with my project by creating 12 pieces in total, but I am glad I challenged myself and had people there who supported me.  


I am now working at a craft studio where we offer pottery painting, canvas, glass fusion, clay handbuilding, and wood board art classes. I also have created my own company that I work on part-time. My company sells stickers, decals, t-shirts, and candles. Juggling both of these jobs has been a struggle, but I am glad I  learned how to schedule my time and not be afraid of a challenge. 


In the future, I’m hoping to be able to work on my business full-time and be able to add pottery and wood art to my website. I’d also like my business to grow enough to be able to add employees and have some of my products bought wholesale to be sold in cute, unique stores.