Rachel Stewart

Rachel Stewart

During my Fall 2021 ceramic residency at Meredith college, I was met with reassurance and the guidance I needed that helped me go above and beyond my original expectations for myself.  Coming out fresh from graduation, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Being able to come back into the studio gave me unlimited access to explore and gave me the freedom to really figure out my voice as an artist, without the constraints of being a student. The most helpful aspect was the peer and professor critiques that challenged and encouraged me to come out of my comfort zone to create art that was more mature and different compared to art I made in the past.  Having the time to be back in Meredith’s studio was such a transformative period. I grew so much not only as an artist in my craft, but also in my skills in running a ceramic studio. Interacting, helping, and guiding students ultimately gave me the tools to succeed in my current teaching career. 


I currently work at the new Apex Senior Center (a job I got from recommendations during my residency), where I not only help run the studio, but I also teach various ceramic classes. This also gives me the space to continue to work on my craft where I’m also taking commissions for my work. 


My current goals for the future are to continue working on my skills in ceramics, applying for shows, grants, shops, etc., to get my ceramic business running and eventually apply to grad school.