Paige Van Zile

Paige Van Zile​

The assistant teaching portion of the AIR program was the most beneficial aspect. As a graduated studio major, I was excited to participate in the classroom, alongside my respected professors, and get an idea of what art education looks like at the college level. My best days were spent in the classroom, discussing processes and materials with students and watching them run with it. There was a creative energy that resulted in incredible work and left me inspired. 


After the residency, I returned to Portland, Maine, where I have been living and working for the last year and a half. I currently work at a hydroponic greenhouse where we grow organic produce, edible flowers and other plants. I’m excited to continue exploring natural dyes, as I did in my undergrad and residency experience, and grow what I can in the greenhouse environment to use in my personal work.


I would like to use the next few years to actively create and establish a discipline routine of creating and researching. I left the AIR program with ideas on how to expand and refine the concepts I was working with throughout.