Meaghan Evans

Meaghan Evans​

My experience in the residency program was vital for my artistic and personal growth. Working with clay is something I have missed every day since the program ended. That process taught me so much respect for the craft and the level of patience, understanding, forgiveness, and resilience it requires is unmatched. I have carried that with me every day. 


Life gets in the way for creatives, as I’m sure we all know, and the most difficult part about the end of the residency has been the lack of time and resources to continue at the level I would prefer. I currently manage a nonprofit residential group home for at-risk youth. The residency program gave me the opportunity to teach and assist students in their creative processes and I am happy to say that has carried over into what I do now. 


One of my dreams for the future would be to start an art therapy program for the youth we serve in Northwest NC. Creating has always been an important outlet for me and I would love to be a part of providing that resource to others who need it.