Lydia Brown

Lydia Brown

During the Meredith residency, I was given the opportunity to combine two forms of creating art that are the most important to me: sculpture and fiber art. This residency allowed me to explore a new material and conceptual direction in my work, adding a woven element to ceramic and welded sculptures. Working with other artists and mentors, as well as learning about installing a show in a gallery setting, were valuable opportunities of collaboration and community. I better understand myself as an artist, and the work I would like to create in the future, as a result of my time as an Artist in Residence at Meredith.


I am currently living in Atlanta, Georgia and exploring the arts communities and opportunities here, and plan to apply to another residency program here in Atlanta. In my current and upcoming work, I am continuing the mixed media series of sculptures that began in my residency at Meredith, utilizing fiber and sculpture.


I hope to soon apply to graduate school for my MFA.