Leah Hathcote

Leah Hathcote

My Artist in Residency experience was fantastic and beneficial to my journey as an artist. It allowed me the space (creatively and physically) to explore larger-scale fiber art, specifically weaving. I used this residency to challenge myself to create something I had never created before – a large-scale. abstract, three-dimensional weaving. I also gave myself the challenge of not purchasing any new materials for my project and it was a good creative exercise to work within those constraints. In addition to working on my personal project, I also assisted Professor Howard in the fibers class, sharing my knowledge with the students. I also assisted with other various projects, such as organizing materials for the art education program, as well as assisting with the installation of a gallery exhibit. Overall, it was a very beneficial experience, stretching me creatively, and I value the time I was able to spend in the Residency program.


Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom to my daughter and expecting my second. I also have a small business that I work on part-time, Mama Bird Market. I curate and sell vintage and secondhand goods, as well as my handmade products, such as jewelry and small works of fiber art. In the future, I plan on creating more abstract three-dimensional weavings, and am always looking for ways to stretch myself creatively.


In the future I plan to do more of what I am doing now – staying home with my kids, while also pursuing creative endeavors. I look forward to being able to teach my children what I have learned creatively, and help them become confident little artists. I would like to have a solo exhibit sometime in the future with weavings and abstract fiber artwork.