Jamie Kimmel Robinson

Janie Kimmel Robinson

I was privileged to be a resident in the very first year of the program. It was a perfect stepping stone for me returning home from a time of studying weaving and natural dyes in Mexico. I wanted to continue working with the materials and methods I had been exposed to while exploring some greater concepts that were part of my personal history and culture. The residency afforded me the studio space, equipment, and accountability I needed to accomplish that goal. I was also able to use the time to discern what I wanted to do next. I had worked in the hospitality industry, often utilizing my design skills and knowledge, but was really glad for a time that was set apart to really focus on my own personal work in a more formal sense.


I’m now a mother of one and thoroughly enjoying being immersed in this unique season with my family. The residency showed me more of what is necessary to get a body of work out there in the world as an independent artist, and while I’m not currently creating new work, I’m glad that I have that “tool” in my toolbox and look forward to using it again in the future. 


Honestly I’m not really sure right now, but I hope to develop a more routine home practice of tinkering around with materials and will just see where that goes.