The art history minor prepares students who with to pursue careers in art management—in galleries, museums or community-based arts organizations—by developing critical thinking and communication skills and providing a solid foundation of art history knowledge. Students minoring in art history are required to complete 18 credit hours of art and art history courses, including one thesis or research course.

Art History Minor

ART – 221Survey Western Art: Ancient-Early Renaissance (3 cr.)
ART – 222Survey Western Art: High Renaissance-Modern (3 cr.)
ART – 494Senior Project: Art History Thesis (3 cr.)
ART – 498Honors Thesis in Art (3 cr.)
ART – 499Junior & Senior Research in Art (0, varied course cr.)
Select 3 courses from the following (at least one must be a pre-modern topic and one a modern topic) – 9 credit hours
ART – 280Topics in Art and Architecture (3 cr.)
ART – 323Topics in Art History (3 cr.)
ART – 324Topics in Modern Art History (3 cr.)

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

Contact Information
Beth Mulvaney
Professor of Art, Art Historian, Department Head
107-2 Gaddy-Hamrick
(919) 760-8497