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Yessy Anorve-Basoria, '19 Yessy Anorve-Basoria, '19
Mass Communication Major, Public Relations Concentration
Communication Club, The Oak Leaves Yearbook contributor, The Colton Review contributor
Hometown: Apex, NC

Alexan Bailey, '19 Alexan Bailey, '19
Social Work Major
Honors Program, Phi Alpha (Social Work Honors Society) Celebrating Student Achievement Day Awards Planning Committee
Hometown: Pinehurst, NC

Allie Barrow, '20 Allie Barrow, '20
Business Administration & Economics Majors
Class of 2020 President, Studied Abroad in Italy
Hometown: Goldsboro, NC

Soren Bradley, '20 Soren Bradley, '20
Psychology Major, Spanish Minor, K-6 Teaching Licensure
Teaching Fellow, Cornhuskin' Co-Chair, Student Adviser
Hometown: Apex, NC

Kristin Bradsher, '20 Kristin Bradsher, '20
English Major, Grades 6 -9 Teaching Licensure
Student Adviser, Residence Honor Council, Yearbook Committee
Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Addie Brinkley, '19 Addie Brinkley, '19
Accounting Major
Student Adviser, Phi Beta Lambda Fundraising Officer
Hometown: Asheville, NC

Nola Grace Brown, '20 Nola Grace Brown, '20
Exercise & Sports Science Major, Health and Wellness Concentration
Honors Program, Study Abroad - Italy, International Programs Committee Student Representative
Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Indyah Bryant, '19 Indyah Bryant, '19
Mass Communication Major
Marketing Department Intern
Hometown: Clinton, NC

Jessica Bunn, '19 Jessica Bunn, '19
Chemistry & Biology Major
American Chemical Society President
Hometown: Wilson, NC

Maura Carroll, '19 Maura Carroll, '19
Child Development Major, K-6 Teaching License
Teaching Fellow
Hometown: Swansboro, NC

Alyssa Circa, '21 Alyssa Circa, '21
Food & Nutrition Major
Wings Program, Dickson Community Garden volunteer
Hometown: Rochester, NY

Marissa Cole, '19 Marissa Cole, '19
Biology Major
Wings Program, WINGS Honor Council Rep
Hometown: Cary, NC

Megan Evans, '19 Megan Evans, '19
Business Administration Major
Broyhill Business Fellow, Honors Program, Cross Country, Track & Field
Hometown: Princeton, NC

Hannah Geelhart, '19 Hannah Geelhart, '19
Dance Studies Major, K-12 Teaching License
Meredith Dance Theatre, Meredith Jazz and Tap Company, Teaching Fellow
Hometown: Swansboro, NC

Maddy Gladwell, '20 Maddy Gladwell, '20
Psychology & Political Science Majors
Honors Committee Student Chair, Student Adviser, Meredith Activities Board Publicity Co-Chair
Hometown: Clayton, NC

Nikki Gillenwater, '20 Nikki Gillenwater, '20
Psychology Major
Meredith Autism Program, Resident Assistant, Psychology Club
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Maggie Griffin, '19 Maggie Griffin, '19
Exercise & Sports Science Major
Sports Science Association President, Student Adviser, Honors Program, Crew Member
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC

Miranda Griffin, '20 Miranda Griffin, '20
Accounting Major
Honors Program, Big Sis/Little Sis Co-Chair
Hometown: Williamston, NC

Carolyne Grizer, '19 Carolyne Grizer, '19
Social Work Major
Big Sis/Little Sis Co-Chair, Honor Council, Student Adviser
Hometown: Wilson, NC

Laura Hagman, '19 Laura Hagman, '19
Social Work Major
Wings Program, NAMI Treasure and Events Chair
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Sana Haseeb, ’19 Sana Haseeb, ’19
Biology Major
Class of 2019 Vice President, StrongPoints Ambassador, Undergraduate Research
Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Rachel Hefner, '21 Rachel Hefner, '21
Social Work Major
Resident Assistant, Service Scholar
Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Morgan Hendrix, '20 Morgan Hendrix, '20
Psychology Major
Elections Board Vice President, Psychology Club
Hometown: Pinehurst, NC

Ellis Hudson, '20 Ellis Hudson, '20
Interior Design Major
Senate Representative, American Society of Interior Designers Junior Representative
Hometown: Athens, GA

Riley Hunter, '19 Riley Hunter, '19
Business Administration Major
Chief Student Adviser
Hometown: King, NC

Carol Jablonski, '20 Carol Jablonski, '20
Business Administration and Economics Majors, Spanish Minor
Broyhill Business Fellows President, Honors Program, Honors Committee c/o 2020 Representative
Hometown: Wilson, NC

Maya Jackson, '19 Maya Jackson, '19
Business Administration Major, Marketing Concentration
Stunt Co-Chair
Hometown: Cary, NC

Laura Jenkins, '20 Laura Jenkins, '20
Psychology Major
Class Treasurer, Honors Program
Hometown: Cary, NC

Julia Johnson, '20 Julia Johnson, '20
Psychology Major
Study Abroad Ambassador, Psychology Club, Meredith Advocates for Young Children Treasurer, Undergraduate Research
Hometown: Minnetonka, MN

Hannah Jones, '20 Hannah Jones, '20
Dance Education Major
Honors Program, Teaching Fellows, First Year Experience Assistant
Hometown: Jacksonville, NC

Lauren Luke, '20 Lauren Luke, '20
English Major
Honors Program, International Programs Student Assistant
Hometown: Huntersville, NC

Tania Martinez, '21 Tania Martinez, '21
Social Work Major

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Mimi Mays, '20 Mimi Mays, '20
Political Science & Communication Majors
Meredith Dance Theatre, Meredith Jazz and Tap Company, Meredith Herald Associate Editor, Statistics Tutor
Hometown: Portland, OR

Sofia Mazzola, '20 Sofia Mazzola, '20
English Major, Professional Writing Minor
Honors Program, Student Adviser
Hometown: Victor, NY

Emily Mitchum, '20 Emily Mitchum, '20
Psychology & Dance Majors
Honors Program, Meredith Dance Theatre Full Company member
Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Ashley Nelson, '21 Ashley Nelson, '21
Chemical Engineering/Chemistry Major
American Chemical Society, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society
Hometown: Elon, NC

Ellie Parker, '19 Ellie Parker, '19
Interpersonal Communication Major
Wings Program
Hometown: Wilmington, NC

Haley Parsons, '19 Haley Parsons, '19
Biology & Chemistry Majors
Meredith Health Professions Society Treasurer, Study Abroad Ambassador
Hometown: Wilkesboro, NC

Brittany Preston, '19 Brittany Preston, '19
Exercise & Sports Science Major
Basketball Captain
Hometown: Clayton, NC

Harper Pruitt, '21 Harper Pruitt, '21
Business Administration Major
Alpha Lambda Delta
Hometown: Oxford, NC

Deema Sader, '19 Deema Sader, '19
Biology Major
Student Government Association Secretary, Student Adviser, Beta Beta Beta (National Biological Honor Society) Historian
Hometown: Cary, NC

Kayla Satterwhite, '20 Kayla Satterwhite, '20
Psychology & Communication Majors
Class of 2020 Fundraising Co-Chair, Student Adviser, Honors Program
Hometown: Oxford, NC

Katelyn Steadman, '19 Katelyn Steadman, '19
Biology Major
Resident Assistant, Study Abroad - Costa Rica, Beta Beta Beta (National Biological Honor Society)
Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Alexis Stephens, '21 Alexis Stephens, '21
Graphic Design and Communication Majors
Class of 2021 President
Hometown: Orlando, FL

Belle Williams, ‘19 Belle Williams, ‘19
Spanish & International Studies Majors, K-12 Teaching Licensure
Student Government Association, Teaching Fellow, Undergraduate Research and Planning Committee
Hometown: Sanford, NC

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