Meredith is concerned about students and families affected by COVID-19. Prospective students and families who need flexibility with admissions deadlines or the submission of materials should contact the Office of Admissions at

Admissions and Financial Assistance COVID-19 FAQs

My family’s financial situation has changed because of COVID-19. Will Meredith consider the changes during the financial aid process?

Our goal continues to be one of partnering with students and families to make the Meredith experience a reality. If your financial situation has changed due to COVID-19, we encourage you to reach out to your admission or financial aid counselor during the financial aid application process to discuss your specific situation and learn more about presenting an appeal for additional financial aid. Reach out at or

Advanced Placement (AP) tests are being delivered online. Has Meredith changed its policies for accepting AP scores? 

Meredith’s policy for accepting AP test scores has not changed. We will accept the score you earn on the new online, shortened test. Students may want to reconsider accepting the credit, however, if the course was not completed in its entirety. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that you are setting yourself up for success at the next level of coursework.

My school is closed making it difficult for me to get official transcripts – can Meredith accept unofficial transcripts?

North Carolina high school students can still request an official transcript through the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC). Students who submitted The Common Application should still be able to request transcripts through that process. However, if you are unable to secure an official transcript and can get a student copy (first-year and transfer students) we will accept the student copy. Our goal is to help you move your college plans forward.

I am/was planning to take the SAT or ACT but am having difficulty scheduling a test. What should I do?

Meredith College is test-optional for admission. Please note that the STEM Scholars Program prefers a test score but does not require one.

My high school gave P/F grades for the Spring 2020 term. 

Pass grades will not negatively impact your application for admission or consideration for scholarships.

Got a question we haven’t answered above? 

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