Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Consider a Small College

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We’ve been discussing the benefits of attending a small college on the Meredith admissions blog long before the COVID-19 pandemic, but with an increased focus on the safety of returning to large campuses, those benefits have never rung more true. Here’s why there has never been a better time to consider attending a small college:

The classes are smaller, which means you can count on personal attention from your instructors – even in an online setting. There’s a common phrase going around right now called Zoom fatigue. Managing multiple online classes can be tough, but that challenge is magnified when you’re in classes of 50-100 students. Classes at smaller colleges are more personal and everyone has a chance to talk – which means your professor will get to know you well and pay close attention to your progress.

With fewer students on campus, you will receive personal attention outside of the classroom, too. On smaller campuses, advisors have close relationships with their students and tend to know them by name. At Meredith, our counseling center, learning center, financial aid office, career center, and more continued to offer personalized support to students when we moved online last spring – and intend to continue those efforts for all students this year as well.

Small colleges are known for fostering a strong sense of community. And that goes for after you graduate, too. Building a solid network is more important than ever right now. At smaller institutions, you are able to make connections quicker and under less pressure. And with our Meredith Mentors program, those connections are strong enough to last a lifetime.

There is adequate support in place to help remote learners still feel like a part of the community. We mentioned Zoom fatigue, but students may also feel like they aren’t able to take full advantage of college when everything they do is online. Again – the personalized support and individual attention you will get at a small college is unmatched, even as a remote learner.

The personalized support and individual attention you receive at a college like Meredith helps you thrive during this unusual period brought on by COVID-19 and beyond.

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