The Benefits of Living on Campus During College

At Meredith, all first-year students are required to live on campus for their first two years unless commuting from the home of their parents. Remember to submit a Housing Request Form by June 1, 2024, once you have officially reserved your space in the class.

If you’re like many students, college is the first time you will be living away from your family. You might be excited about going to college, but also a bit nervous about moving away from home. That’s completely normal!

In today’s blog, we go over the numerous benefits of living on campus to help put any nerves you may have at ease.

Campus Involvement

Living on campus makes it easier to get involved – and research shows that it’s key to making friends and finding your place at college.

Campus Support

Living on campus also allows you to access a broader support system, including residence life staff. At Meredith, to support our students as they transition from living at home to living on campus, every first-year residence hall has a full-time residence director and resident assistants on each floor. These staff members are trained to help students connect with others in their building and across campus.

Connect with Classmates

Getting together for studying or class projects is easier. You’ll also learn about different personalities and cultural backgrounds, which will help you in your future workplace because employers have come to expect global and intercultural fluency.


You’ll be closer to your classes, avoid issues with traffic, and be near campus resources such as the learning center, fitness center, library, and dining hall.

Inclusive Cost

College room and board fees often cover room rent, utilities, and more. For example, at Meredith, our fees cover laundry machine use, a meal plan, and access to the campus health center. And students can use the College’s fitness center, which provides all the benefits of a gym membership at no extra cost. Also, your college is your landlord. Many off-campus apartment complexes change ownership or management, which can cause headaches for you.

Safety and Security

Campus security and a residence director are on duty at all times. These resources can be accessed for anything from a general question to bathroom lockout or crisis.

Along with all these benefits, living on campus can be just plain fun! While your academics will be the cornerstone of your college experience, you’ll also learn from various real-life experiences, such as living on your own. You’ll gain greater independence, acquire practical skills, strengthen your communication skills, and learn how to live within a community – all valuable knowledge that will serve you well even after you graduate.

What to Consider When Choosing a Roommate

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