Students in the accounting program acquire a broadly-based education with a strong command of business knowledge, skills and practice. Courses in the program provide students with a solid understanding of accounting principles, resulting in the ability to effectively analyze economic and financial data, interpret and apply federal tax regulations, and effectively communicate through financial statements and reports. Students develop the knowledge and confidence to make decisions and solve problems, collaborate and cooperate with peers, set goals, and accomplish objectives.

Accounting – Business Administration Major

Candidates for the Bachelor of Science Accounting – Business Administration degree are required to complete 57-60 hours, including 54-57 hours in the prescribed core and 3 additional hours of accounting, business or other approved electives.

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B.S. Degree with a Major in Business Administration, Concentration in Accounting – 57-60 hours

 Core Curriculum – 39 credit hours


Required Major Courses


* 3 hours of electives chosen from the following:

Note: Students may not earn both a Concentration and a minor in Accounting.

*Students wishing to sit for the CPA examination should take an additional ACC elective (3 hours) for this requirement in order to meet the 30 hours of Accounting and Business Law courses required to sit the exam.
*Student Portfolio
*While the student portfolio in Business Administration does not generate hours of credit, the successful completion of both the Student Portfolio and the Exit Examination are required in order to complete a major in Business Administration.

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

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