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First-year students, the start of college and a new chapter in your life is quickly approaching! 📅📚

Be sure to complete the Summer Reading Program before you arrive at #Meredithcollege. 📖

Read today’s blog (🔗 in bio) to learn more.

A small college may be a perfect fit for you if you thrive in an individualized, supportive environment! 

Read today’s blog (🔗 in bio) to learn more about four benefits of attending a small college.

Rising high school seniors, take time to create a to-do list for college preparation! Now is the time to: Look for scholarships that can help offset the cost of college. Tour schools that you are interested in. Connect with admissions counselors who can answer any questions you may have

Read today’s blog (link in bio) to see what you should add to your to-do list.

Happy summer break high school students (and you too Angels)! 🌞

High school students, take some time during your break to invest in your future! Read today’s blog (link in bio) to learn a few of the ways a college education can impact you.

Wherever you’re going in life, #GoStrong!

📢 Friendly reminder to all incoming and current students to submit the FAFSA form to #Meredithcollege 💵

We understand this year’s #FAFSA rollout has been stressful but it’s still the best way to help pay for college!

Read today’s blog (🔗 in bio) for more information on how to fill it out and make college more affordable! 

StartStrong at #Meredithcollege! 💪🏆🎉

Incoming students! Register for one of our four sessions and lay the foundation for a successful start at #Meredithcollege! 

Head to the 🔗 in our bio to learn more about what to expect and to register!

Congratulations to the incoming students of #Meredithcollege! 

Before you join us in the fall, there are a few important steps you must take during the summer.

Read today’s blog (link in bio) to go over these steps and ensure a smooth transition to college.

Last weekend, we celebrated the Class of 2024 and all their accomplishments at #MCGrad24. 🎓

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for our newest alumnae/i as they begin a new journey in life – one thing’s for sure, we know they will continue #GoingStrong 💪

In this blog (link in bio), we highlight some of our Strong students from the Class of 2024.

For many students, college can be both exciting and challenging. After all, it’s a new environment and often the first time students are away from their families.

Read the blog (link in bio) to learn three benefits of the Student Success Center.

If you’re like many students, college is the first time you will be living away from your family. You might be excited about going to college, but also a bit nervous about moving away from home.

In today’s blog (link in bio), we go over the numerous benefits of living on campus to help put any nerves you may have at ease!

Make sure to check out today’s blog as it also has details on housing deadlines for next school year. 

92% of our students participate in some form of experiential learning, including undergraduate research. In today’s blog (link in bio), we discuss just one of the ways we celebrate our students’ achievements at Meredith. 

It’s never too early to start thinking about your summer plans! sunny
Incoming and current Meredith students can consider taking a course or two during the summer to get ahead!
Read today’s blog (link in bio) to read the benefits of #Meredithcollege Summer School.

Are you a high school junior ready to start your college search journey? Join us at Explore Meredith on Saturday, April 20, to get an inside look at our campus and find out #WhyMeredith. Read today’s blog (link in bio) for more details!


We have strong and brilliant students at Meredith College! 🌟🔬

Join us for Celebrating Student Achievement Day which will include undergraduate research presentations, arts performances, honor society inductions, and more. 🩰 This event is open to students, faculty/staff, families, alumnae, and friends of #Meredithcollege. Get a glimpse into #WhyMeredith as students showcase their talents, knowledge, and leadership.

Learn more at the link in our bio.

The Meredith Autism Program (MAP) provides a unique clinical experience that’s rarely available to undergraduate students. Those who participate often go on to pursue careers in the field. Watch this video to hear two students share their experience with MAP and #WhyMeredith 

To learn more about MAP, visit the link in our bio. 

Because of significant Department of Education processing delays, many colleges and universities did not receive FAFSA information until mid March, meaning students will receive their financial aid offer letter later than usual. Meredith College will start mailing out financial aid offer letters later this month – be on the lookout for your letter!

To help ease stress, Meredith has delayed its enrollment decision deadline to May 15, 2024. This will give you and your family two more weeks to look over your financial aid offer letter and make an informed college decision. Read today’s blog to learn how to review your letter once you receive it.

President Allen has shared a message to admitted students and families about changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

To read the full story and learn about FAFSA Changes visit the link in our bio 

Student Success on full display! 🌟 

Join us as we celebrate #MeredithCollege students and their academic accomplishments. 

📅 April 18, 2024

📍 Meredith College

Learn More at the 🔗 in our bio!

As current students finish their semester and high school seniors continue their college search process, we want to highlight the resources and support services that Meredith can offer you.  🫵📚

Read today’s blog (link in our bio) to learn about some of the services Meredith offers.

Catch up or get ahead this summer with Meredith College Summer School. Choose from face-to-face, online, or hybrid courses. Registration is open! Read more at the link in our bio.

Living on a campus is a unique experience. It’s a great way to meet new people and immerse yourself in student life. If you’re choosing to live on campus, you will likely live with a roommate. In today’s blog, we discuss what to consider when you’re choosing a roommate!

If you’ve recently been admitted to Meredith (first of all, congratulations!), we invite you to join us at one of our events for admitted students. Read today’s blog to see how you can get a closer look at what it’s like to live and learn at Meredith!

WE DID IT!! We made it count for Meredith yesterday! 🎊👏

We raised $1,419,575 in 24 hours and exceeded our goal of $1.1 million. A total of 2,630 donors made a gift and those dollars will impact all students. We appreciate you for choosing to #MakeItCount4mc! #MCGoingStrong 

Visit the link in our bio to read more about this historic day.

Outside scholarships are free monies that are awarded by outside organizations or private donors that you do not have to repay. It can minimize your out-of-pocket college expenses. Sounds great, right? Read today’s blog to learn how to find and apply for outside scholarships. 

On February 27, Meredith College’s annual Make It Count for Meredith Giving Day brings the Meredith community together to show students we support their education. With your gift honor a strong woman or a group of strong women who have been important in your life and help the College raise $1.1 million in 24 hours.

Studying abroad is a unique opportunity that can enhance your college experience. You’ll learn about a new culture and become a more confident traveler. Read today’s blog to learn what types of programs are available at Meredith! 

With expert instructors, engaging activities, and programs ranging from music and digital storytelling to STEM and sports, Meredith’s summer camps have something for everyone.

When searching for a college that is the right fit, you should be sure the college you choose provides resources to help you succeed in your career and life after graduation. Read today’s blog to learn how Meredith will support you!

As a transfer student or Wings adult student, you are in a perfect position to build on the knowledge and experience you’ve gained and identify and develop the strengths to reach your goals. Read today’s blog to gain insight into how Meredith can help you get there.

This year, there have been several changes made to the FASFA form as part of the FAFSA Simplification Act. While the goal of the act is to simplify the FAFSA application process, we understand the changes can cause confusion and stress for students and their families. In today’s blog, we provide some tips to ensure Meredith receives your FAFSA.

If you’re a high schooler planning to attend college, you may be considering earning some college credits before graduating. After all, it’s a great way to save time and money. There are a few options to earn college credits during your high school career and you may be wondering what the difference is between them all. In this blog, we’ll review the difference between AP courses and dual enrollment to help you determine which is best for you.

The college search process can be stressful for high school seniors. As a parent, you want to ease their stress and anxiety. In this blog, we’ve gathered four tips for parents to best support their students. Read the post

As the day of your campus visit approaches, you may be wondering how to prepare. What can I expect? How long should I plan to be on campus? What questions should I ask? When is the best time to visit? Read today’s blog post for advice!