Residence Hall Information / Brewer, Vann and Stringfield

Brewer, Vann and Stringfield

Floors 1-3

  • Rooms are suite-style: two rooms share a bathroom with a shower/tub, toilet, and sink.
  • Rooms measure approximately 11’ wide by 16’ long.
  • Each room has a pair of windows measuring a total of 78” wide by 75” tall.
  • Each room has wooden floors and movable furniture.
  • Each resident has a 3-drawer dresser, desk with chair, bed with adjustable-height frame, and built-in closet.
  • Adjustable-height bed frames raise to a maximum height of 39". This allows dressers to fit underneath.
  • Mattresses for the twin beds measure 76” x 36". This is a standard twin mattress.
  • Loft kits are available for an additional charge each semester.
  • Residents can also choose to bunk their beds at no extra charge.
  • Each floor has a parlor with television and microwave.
  • There are laundry facilities on two floors with two washers and two dryers in each laundry room.
  • Each courtyard residence hall has a kitchen located on the 1st floor.


Furniture Dimensions for Floors 1-3


  • Closets: 36.5”W x 29”D; hanging rod at 66”H, shelf @ 74”H
  • Desk: 42”W x 24”D x 30”H
  • Chest of drawers: 29.5”W x 24”D x 30”H


Brewer, Vann and Stringfield room Brewer, Vann and Stringfield Room With View of Two Closets


Faircloth bathroom Brewer, Vann and Stringfield Bathroom and Vanity Sink Brewer, Vann and Stringfield Bathroom Shower/Tub


Brewer, Vann and Stringfield Loft Style Bed for Dorm Room

Residents on floors 1-3 in the courtyard buildings also have the option of renting a lofting kit for a fee. Lofts raise standard beds to a maximum height of 72" which allows residents to put other furniture such as desks and couches underneath. Bunking kits are available at no extra charge.


Each floor has a parlor (lounge) with study space and a television. Kitchens are located only on the 1st floors.

Rooms on the 4th Floors

There is no one standard floor plan for 4th floor rooms. Although the 4th floor rooms are all unique in their floorplans, they do share some common features.

  • All rooms on the 4th floors have the same furniture as rooms on floors 1-3.
  • Due to the sloping walls, loft kits cannot be used in 4th floor rooms.
  • Rooms have dormer windows measuring 35” wide by 48” high. Most rooms have two dormer windows, while a few have one.
  • Most rooms on the 4th floors of Vann, Stringfield, and Brewer are suite-style with a bathroom connected to two rooms. A few rooms do not have bathrooms connected to them. Those residents share a bathroom across the hall with two other rooms, and those bathrooms have extra facilities in them.
  • 4th Brewer has triple-occupancy rooms in addition to traditional double-occupancy rooms.
  • 4th Vann and 4th Stringfield only have double-occupancy rooms. They also have wardrobes rather than built-in closets.
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