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Welcome to Meredith College and the Angel family.  The strength of Meredith is in its people – the students, the faculty, the staff, and…the parents.  We are proud and very excited that you and your family have chosen Meredith for your student’s higher education.  We understand that so much of the success that she has attained so far has resulted from your support and encouragement. 

Your continued support will be critical to your student’s success at Meredith.  Families are invited to a number of programs during New Student Orientation, and we have provided information below that may assist you in supporting your Meredith student.  Additionally, we want you to contact us if you have questions and concerns during the course of year.  We look forward to seeing you in August!  Welcome to the Angel family!

Ann Gleason, Dean of Students

Orientation Details

New Student Orientation: Please visit the links to the left for important information on helping students prepare and attend New Student Orientation.

Academic Nuts & Bolts


Every new student has a faculty advisor and student advisor. Faculty advisors are very helpful in providing assistance, but each student is ultimately responsible for her own academic progress.  Student advisors are upper-class women who have been trained to assist new students in their adjustment to college life. 

Class Load

A usual freshman class load is between 14 and 16 hours, meaning your student will be attending class 14 to 16 hours per week with an anticipated study time of two to three hours for each hour in class.

Class Attendance

The effect of class attendance on a grade is clearly specified, in writing, by an instructor at the beginning of a course. Regular and prompt attendance in class is always important. Missed announcements and assignments are often the result of skipping a class.

Midterm Grade Reports

Midway into each semester instructors provide the Registrar’s office with midterm grade reports for students whose performance in class has indicated work below a “C” average.  The student and her faculty advisor are notified of the report in October and March. You may want to check with your student about these midterm reports. The grade is not permanent but is an indication of the student’s progress in the class. Students often reassess study habits and ask for tips to help in learning the material after receiving the report.


Should it become necessary for your student to withdraw from the College and terminate her enrollment prior to completion of the semester, she must have a conference with her academic advisor, the Dean of Students and, if receiving financial assistance, the staff in the office of Financial Assistance.


Privacy of Student Records 
FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, requires Meredith to keep educational records for students confidential.   The law permits Meredith to release information to parents of a dependent student defined in section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, among others. Meredith may also release information to a parent with a consent  form signed by the student authorizing the release.

We highly recommend that you have a conversation with your student, before she leaves home for school, about your expectations for sharing information like grades, attendance, tuition statements, etc.   We recommend that students keep track of their grades through returned assignments and regular discussions with their advisers and professors.   Setting clear expectations now about reporting on academic progress will prevent end-of-the-semester surprises and create opportunities for you to express your support. 

Campus Services

Automated Teller Machine

A Wells Fargo automated teller machine is located in the lobby of the Cate Center. The machine provides most services, normally available at ATMs with the exception of deposits. There

is no fee for customers of Wells Fargo Bank, although a small fee will apply to customers of other banks who use the Plus or Relay network to access their accounts. The lobby of Cate Center is

open 6:00 AM until midnight.

Cam Cards

Add $ to your student’s CamCard Online– You (or someone you designate) can add money to your CamCard via a web interface, using Master­Card, Discover, or American Express (VISA will not be accepted) any time day (VISA will not be accepted) any time day or night! There will be a convenience fee of 2.99%. Your student’s Cam­Card is her official Meredith College identification and can be used as a spending account at many campus locations.


As a benefit to our students, Meredith provides free transportation on CAT bus lines. Students wishing to take advantage of this benefit will need to obtain a GoPass card from the Human Resources Office located on the 1st floor of the Cate/Park Center between the hours of 8am–5pm. For more information, contact Human Resources Office at (919) 760-8898.

Current Student Resources

Use the Current Students page to find information about additional resources available on-campus for current Meredith students.

Tips for Parents and Families

In addition to the student’s transition to college, parents and families have their own transitions to make when they say farewell to their daughter/family member. As you prepare for orientation in August, you may want to have some conversations this summer with your daughter/family member about issues that will be important in the coming college years. The range of topics include financial affairs, academic progress, alcohol and drug use, etc.

Some survival tips for parents of first year students are listed below:

The DO’s:

Do share in the enthusiasm and excitement. Do expect homesickness and times when college life seems overwhelming. Do encourage your student to accept responsibility and become her own problem-solver. She can seek assistance from her RA, SA and other campus personnel. Do expect change and give her space to grow. Do listen, write, call and send care packages. Do find new interests to help you let go. Do encourage your student to get involved on campus and to participate in weekend programs.

The DONT’s:

Don’t overreact and rush to the rescue. Encourage and support but let her handle concerns and issues. Don’t encourage coming home too often. Students make smoother transitions and are happier if they stay on campus long enough to make friends and get involved. Don’t expect many letters or phone calls. Sometimes a student gets caught up in a whirlwind of activity and Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

Parent Connection
Get updates about Meredith and news just for you in the Parent Connection, an e-newsletter for Meredith parents and families. To add your email address to the mailing list, please email your name and the name of your student to

Parents And Families Webpage -
Meredith’s website for parents and family members is a great one-stop shop for many of the College’s resources and programs.

The Parents’ Fund -
gifts from parents are directed to The Parents Fund, a special component of our annual fund that helps to fund a campus enhancement project.

Contact Information:

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